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NEIWAI ACTIVE’s Spatial Reinvention by Still Young

Celebrating Feminine Strength through Movement Inspiration

©Yuuuun Studio

NEIWAI ACTIVE, a leading brand in the women’s sportswear industry, has been at the forefront of providing innovative sportswear solutions tailored to various athletic endeavors since its beginning in 2018. In its quest for enhanced global brand image, NEIWAI ACTIVE collaborated with Still Young to conceptualize new stores that refresh the brand’s identity. Embracing a modular design approach, the new stores seamlessly blend Oriental aesthetics with an international vision, creating a spatial experience that resonates with the brand’s ethos and product offerings.

©Yuuuun Studio
©Yuuuun Studio

At the heart of the design concept is the celebration of movement and femininity. Drawing inspiration from dance, the stores feature circular island installations reminiscent of Henry Matisse’s “The Dance.” These dynamic displays capture the strength and elegance of female athleticism, communicating NEIWAI ACTIVE’s spirit of “infinite love and extreme self-discipline.” The use of customized mannequins further enhances the narrative, showcasing the graceful beauty of physical movement and differentiating the brand from its competitors.

The spatial experience is carefully curated to evoke a sense of tranquility and freedom. Through the strategic use of wood colors, curved lines, and modular elements, the design creates a serene atmosphere reminiscent of a pilates studio. Soft floodlighting and natural light effects enhance the welcoming ambiance while ensuring essential illumination. The interplay of light and architecture, coupled with textured walls resembling curved petals, adds depth and warmth to the minimalist space.

©Yuuuun Studio

Functionality and flexibility are paramount in the design of the NEIWAI ACTIVE stores. Modular props and custom-sized panel walls cater to the diverse product offerings, providing convenience for maintenance and adaptability to changing seasons. The display design seamlessly integrates with the brand’s signature fabrics, inviting customers to engage with the products on a tactile level. Through efficient modular design and delicate lighting displays, Still Young has successfully crafted a distinctive space that not only fulfills the functional requirements of the stores but also narrates the brand’s story of empowerment and self-discovery.



Project Name: NEIWAI ACTIVE Design Firm: STILL YOUNG Design Team: Eric Ch, Dawn Du, Grace Gong Client Team: June Xu, Lucas Lu Project Management: Sean Liu, Vera Chen Plans: Sean Liu Renderings: Ethan Li, Donald Lin Construction Drawings: Sean Liu, Tom Wang Electromechanical Design: James Xu, Abel Lu, Aaron Deng Photos: Yuuuun Studio

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