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By Word Of Mouth A Cozy Belgrade Bistro

Belgrade Bistro

From Mouth To Mouth would be a literal translation of Od Usta Do Usta, a cozy Bistro in downtown Belgrade (Serbia). Perhaps the most suitable translation would be By Word Of Mouth, but the pleasant atmosphere and tasty food are what form the name of this little restaurant. The vintage furniture and friendly stuff give that warm and inviting sentiment of this hidden Belgrade eatery.

Located in Belgrade’s Brace Nedic street, it was recently featured on Interior design is work of Simo Simovic and Djordje Miketic. For more of the space opened almost two years ago continue after the jump:

bistro 02

bistro 03

bistro 04

bistro 05

bistro 06

bistro 07

bistro 08

bistro 09

bistro 10

bistro 11

bistro 12

bistro 13

bistro 14

bistro 15

bistro 16

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