Things to Consider Before Building a Shed

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Think of those times you thought how cool it would be if you could build a shed or porch swing. Taking those raw materials and turning them into something amazing is a great skill to have for fun weekend projects.

All the guys in your neighbourhood have recently built sheds in their backyards and now you want one. This is a typical happening among homeowners since a shed is all about prowess and money. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to build a shed, you will need an easy to read set of shed plans. They can easily be found online to build all types of sheds and other smaller structures. The key is to find a set of plans that you can read at your current skill level and has a comprehensive list of tools and materials you’ll need. Without these essentials, you might find your storage shed a little lopsided. But before you download the plan and start building you should consider what type of shed you will get.

The yard is more than just a place where the kids can run around. It houses flower and vegetable gardens, decorative planters and even chairs and benches to beautify your yard. Many companies and individuals offer hundreds of different plans so you can start with a smaller project like a large tree planter.

You can become a better builder slowly by using different garden projects to create the yard of your dreams.

This is an important question that you should ask yourself—more than once—before you purchase or reserve any materials or tools. There is more than one type of shed and you’ll find enough options to make your head spin. Here are a few things to consider before you select a shed.

Think about the main purpose of your shed

What do you plan to use this shed to hold? Do you plan to find shed that will simply hold a few lawn and garden tools or do you plan to store large items? Whatever your plans are you should have a pretty good idea about what will go in your shed and what you will do inside the structure.

You need a shed that is both functional as well as visually pleasing and to get that you might need a larger shed. If the style you use is large then you might have to go against the style you want and instead go for a style similar to your home. You will be able to find sheds that mimic most architecture styles, so keep size in mind as you surf shed plan websites.

There are sheds for every style of structure from modern to classical, but you want to make sure the style doesn’t overshadow your home. This happens often with inexperienced builders so take a look at the finished product before making a decision.

When it comes to choosing a style make sure you look carefully. There is no point in getting attached to a particular shed if your limited skills cannot build it.

Once you figure out what shed you need you can determine what size you’ll need. If you plan to use it for storage as well as an activity you might need something larger than the standard.

Determine what will go inside

Spend an hour searching for shed plans and you’ll see that there are tons of different sizes available to you. Variety really isn’t the problem; it is finding one that best fits your current needs but also can accommodate future demands. For example, you don’t want to build a 10×10 shed and then in two years need a much larger shed.

The most common purpose for a shed is storage, but this can cover a wide selection of items. For example, the shed for a storage that will hold vehicles will have different requirements than those that hold important tools, seasonal clothing items or chemicals.

You will also need to consider what you want to build your shed with because sheds are almost always material specific. The most common shed building material is wood and if you want to use metal, plastic or recycled materials then you will have to find a shed that accommodates that.

Larger openings needed for craft work

If you haven’t begun looking for the right shed for your yard it will come as a major surprise that many of them are similar but offer a variety of opening styles. You can find doors and windows in many different styles that fit in the same size home. You’ve probably already guessed that the sizes and styles of your openings can be solely aesthetic or based on function.

If you plan to do craft work, hobbies or auto repairs inside your shed you will need a shed with large windows and doors that can let in a lot of light. Of course, electricity is always an option, but it may not be easy depending on your skill level. If you store large items in your shed you may need double doors for easy removal.

Different requirements for a hobby shed

Do you plan to work on engines, paint cars or mold clay in your new shed? If so you should know that the requirements for your shed will be totally different. You need storage space on the walls to hang tools for your activities so that you can move freely about the shed without injury.

You might also need to run electricity to your shed, which means you’ll need a shed that guides you through this somewhat complicated task. You will also need to think about the openings in your shed such as doors and windows because these will provide an excellent source of light if you opt out of adding electricity.

If you choose to go the eco-friendly, you can look at sheds that offer solar power.

Save space at home using shed as an office

Using your shed as an office is an out of the box idea but it is a great way to give yourself a home office without changing the aesthetic of your home. The needs for your home office, however, must be taken into account when you seek out for a shed. You will probably need electricity for lights as well as to charge laptops and mobile phones.

Make a list of what you would like to use your garden structure for and then make a list of what you’ll need in it to make that happen. Then you can start weeding out sheds that are too large or too small and start finding the one that meets all your needs.

Add yard furniture for cozy relaxation

If your favorite pastime includes a cold beer and a grill, you would probably love to have a shed for yard furniture. No, I’m not talking about flimsy plastic lounge chairs, I mean picnic tables, benches, and Adirondack chairs. Whether you choose to go for the rustic look or a more contemporary one, making your backyard barbecue-friendly requires a shed to make it happen.

Choose wisely and calmly

You know that your home is in desperate need of additional storage space for garden tools, power tools and even hobby and craft items. The problem is that while you haven’t an idea about what you want your shed to look like, you have no idea where to find ideas. Shed plans offer more than that, so you should take your time making a selection. There are so many plans available that it could take up to a week to find exactly what you want. Hope the information I’ve shared here will help you make the decision faster!

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