3 Luxury Furniture Trends We Expect To See In 2022

Here are the top 3 trends we predict will impact the high-end furniture market in 2022

Luxury Furniture Trends

Just like fashionable clothing, furniture goes through different trends each year. Old styles come back into fashion and new styles become yesterday’s news.

The luxury furniture market also has trends which are sometimes a little different from other furniture. If you are looking to upgrade your furniture and have it complement your decor, why not take a look at these three key trends we expect to hit the high-end furniture market during 2022?

  1. Curved and soft

One style that is making a comeback is the use of rounded edges and curved lines. This can be seen in all furniture, but especially in sofas and side tables. The curved edges give a softer line and evoke feelings of comfort and luxury.

Luxury examples can be found in places such as The Modern Furniture Company’s Porada furniture showroom in London and other sites all over the world. Although this trend was introduced by many manufacturers in 2021, it has started to take off this year.

Curved lines aren’t just for furniture either, as fireplace fronts are also starting to incorporate this design.

Luxury Furniture Trends

  1. Texture and comfort

Textures are also going to be a big thing going forward this year, with tweed and crushed velvet making an appearance. Look for things that are furry, cosy and have an amazing texture, and you will be spot-on with this trend.

With more people deciding to spend greater time at home instead of going out, the need for comfort and luxury is increasing. This has been reflected in the styles that are growing in popularity.

One particular texture that is growing is Boucle wool fabric. It is being used in a variety of ways including on furniture and pillows. Some designers and manufacturers are looking to use this wool in innovative ways, so watch out for that as well.

  1. Metals with a matte finish

One form of technology that is growing is the use of touchless faucets and other remote devices. This is part of a growing demand for smarter technology in the home. As part of this, the metalwork in bathrooms in particular is often being offered in a matte finish.

Brushed black and stainless steel is also growing in popularity, partly as it requires less work to keep it looking good. While brushed steel and brass have been around for a while, there are now more products using this as opposed to traditional chrome finishes.

Metals with a wellness angle are also coming into fashion. Items containing copper or bronze which have antimicrobial properties will be seen a lot more in 2022. Look for lamps, lighting in general, and hardware on cabinets containing these two metals.

Luxury Furniture Trends

Other emerging trends

Together with these three trends for 2022, there are others that are worthy of mention.

  • Vintage furniture and other items are going to continue to be big in 2022. With supply chains becoming slower, vintage furniture is becoming popular as a way of meeting demand until the supply of new furniture and accessories returns to normal.
  • The need for rooms to look like they have come from a picture in a magazine is waning in favour of more personal items that have a connection to the owner. This means furniture or other items will have pride of place and help make spaces individual to each person.
  • Durable luxury items that become an investment will be a big part of 2022. Choosing higher-quality pieces that will last and give a legacy to the family is a particularly strong preference at the moment. People also want pieces, especially furniture, that will last just like furniture did in the past such as in the Victorian era.
  • Minimalism is still around but has changed slightly for some people. The use of geometric shapes in minimalist design is becoming a popular way to use this style. Although somewhat an opposite to the curved trend we mentioned earlier, it will suit any office or workspace. Minimalist design also makes rooms feel light and spacious, which is ideal if you have a small living space. It also becomes dated less than some other trends.
  • Continuing with the comfort trend, sofas are getting bigger and becoming more ‘laying down’ furniture than ‘sitting’ furniture. The addition of large cushions and soft upholstery means that the prospect of relaxing at home is becoming especially attractive to many people.  

Luxury Furniture Trends


Although trends come and go, some of the themes are constant. The need for comfort and luxury are things that will continue as people see relaxation and time at home more positively than they may have done in the past.

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