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Ways to Maximise Space, Light and Style in Your Bedroom

Have you ever felt like you’re not fully realising the potential of your bedroom? It’s fair to say for such an important room in our homes they can often be left cluttered, untidy or just a bit dull. Really they should be one of the biggest assets in our homes, but how can we make the most of them?

While our bedrooms will invariably contain space-devouring beds and includebrim-filled wardrobes and cabinets, there are still ways you can maximise space and light without having a huge and drasticmakeover. Better still, as an added bonus these changes can a touch of style to your boudoir. (Photo above apartment in Warsaw Foto & Mohito)


Creating Space

Aside from de-cluttering your bedroom to physically create more space, consider trying:

Sliding Doorsby having sliding doors on wardrobes, cabinets or even patios you no longer have space otherwise lost by the typical out-swinging ones we encounter.

Tall Storage – do away with small bedside tables and cabinets and invest in taller, thinner storage units. This can also give your bedroom a stylish modern twist.

Sofa Beds – you can still have the luxury of a king-sized bed but with the added convenience of folding it away after use. You’ll definitely notice your room feels much bigger with a sofa bed!

Neutral Colours – if you paint in more neutral colours you can give the impression of your room being much bigger than it is!

(Photo above apartment in London by Brinkworth Design)


Letting in Light

A well-lit room is always going to appear larger and you can get creative in the ways you go about this. Give the following a try:

Ditch the Dark Curtains – switch your curtains to lighter and brighter colours to let in more natural light – especially if you’ve got a more neutral colour scheme on your walls.

Get Blinds Fitted – why not get rid of your curtains altogether and install some versatile blinds? This way you can control the amount of light that comes in your bedroom, not leaving you feeling exposed. Furthermore, they’re another great space saver!

Velux Windows – this depends on your budget and the style of your property but Velux windows in the ceiling are a great way to let in more light.

LED Strips – if it’s too much of a challenge trying to let in natural light then LEDs are a fantastic alternative. Not only can they add unique mood lighting with a choice of colours, they’re incredibly versatile and can be shaped and fitted wherever you like.

So there you have it, be sure to give some of these techniques a try and you’ll really make the most of your bedroom. Have any design tips? Leave them in the comments below.

(Photo above apartment in Paris by Montse Garriga)

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