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Moving Picture Company’s London Offices Reinvented by B3 Designers


London offices for Moving Picture Company in Soho got a new look thanks to the talented creatives at the B3 Designers. The designers have created a cozy work-space making sure it is at the same time an inspiring, creative and welcoming environment for the employees of MPC.

The interior even hosts a Banksy artwork, where the famed artist sprayed a little rat on an interior wall as a thank you to Moving Picture Company who worked with the artist on a promo campaign. However the rat is no more! The Director of MPC thought by mistake this is an act of vandalism and repainted the stencil. Nevertheless one of the members of the company called up Banksy to kindly redo the mural. Banksy found it very comic and agreed to make an even larger artwork.

B3 Designers, award-winning designers, behind Gymkhana, Topolski Bar, Bubbledogs, Lyle’s and Lima Floral restaurants, have redesigned creative studio, Moving Picture Company’s London offices in Soho. The brief was to create an inspiring, creative and yet comfortable and welcoming workspace for an innovative and established, global post-production company. Moving Picture Company (MPC) are leaders in VFX for over 25 years renowned for crafting spectacular visual experiences in film, advertising and entertainment industries.
Moving Picture Company’s Soho offices are approximately 300 sq metres accommodating 52 desk spaces. B3 Designers have worked with a variety of materials such as galvanised steel, melamine faced ply, scaffolding boards, iroko timber, concrete worktops and resin flooring to achieve a bold, reinvented and contrasting overall style for the renewed office interiors. This juxtaposition is evoked through the use of dark materials such as exposed industrial ducting and services on the ceiling and charred timber clad walls in the reception space, which contrasts against the bright and open workspace it leads into. The contrast continues throughout the space with vintage and bespoke furniture pieces such as reupholstered mid century sofas, Ercol chairs, long, uniform shared desks with oversized can light pendants overhead. – from B3 Designers

For more of the space continue below:

MPC_Interiors_008 MPC_Interiors_010 MPC_Interiors_011 MPC_Interiors_018 MPC_Interiors_025 MPC_Interiors_028 MPC_Interiors_029 MPC_Interiors_035 MPC_Interiors_039 MPC_Interiors_056 MPC_Interiors_061 MPC_Interiors_063 MPC_Interiors_064 MPC_Interiors_090 MPC_Interiors_092
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