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Designing Homes on the North Shore of Sydney for Over 50 years


Sydney, being one of the major cities of Australia represents extravagance in many aspects and one of these is the architecture. One can witness the grand architectural styles in the city and look at the residential masterpieces developed by the architects. While there is a huge variety in the architectural styles being used by the developers in the city, the people looking for homes can be rest assured that they can expect incredible homes built in the amazing manner.

Several architecture firms, such as Playoust Churcher Architects (image above) have been building homes and other boutique projects for over 50 years and have established an inimitable reputation for building classic homes representing some of the most elegant and sophisticated architectural styles.


History of Architecture in Sydney

The archetypal architecture of Sydney cannot be characterised by a typical architectural style. In fact, it can be regarded as an extensive juxtaposition of the new and old architecture over the 200-year old history of the city. While today, the city is represented by an expansive skyline with exquisite skyscrapers, one cannot feel the absence of tasteful homes and residential buildings which represent the most exclusive and stylish architectural styles.

Some of the most prominent architectural styles which are visible in the different buildings in Sydney include Gothic, Georgian, Classical, Italianate, Second Empire, Queen Anne, Edwardian, Romanesque etc.

The Current Architecture Styles Dominating the Residential Buildings in Sydney

The buildings and residential projects being developed by the renowned architectural firms in Sydney such as Playoust Churcher utilise mixed style designs. The modern-day designs are a mix of the best features of different architectural styles. The architecture practices which have been designing houses for people in Sydney for over 50 years focus on the customized designs which satisfy the unique needs of the owner while integrating the extensive features of the classy styles of Australian architecture.

Image above Dee Why Residence by Playoust Churcher


Use of Technology

The firms which have been building homes for more than five decades are leveraging the advanced technology, high-end software and some of the most up-to-the-minute tools for designing the best homes. Using the 3D rendering and other hi-tech methodologies, the architects are now able to design the best homes with exclusive interiors. The technologies allow the architects to visualize the plans in a much better way, and thus, the housing & interior designing plans are made with great precision. The result is exquisite houses with a plethora of customized features that ideally satisfy the needs of the owner while differentiating each home from the other. (Image Above Humble House by Coy Yiontis Architects – see more of the project)

Sydney’s property market is red hot, and auction action continues to be uber competitive. Many of the architectural firms which have been catering to the customers and home owners for more than 50 years have developed a unique niche for themselves, and with their vast experience they are capable to deliver the houses with any type of requirements and designing styles. The contemporary technologies, industry best practices and their methodologies enable them to deliver the most luxurious homes, which perfectly match the given requirements by the owner.

Tour Of The Hill Top Cottage by Luigi Rosselli Architects

The Nadir Afonso Art Museum by Álvaro Siza Vieira Architects