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INTERIOR DESIGN: Interesting Ways to Light Your Home

Light Your Home

If you wish there was a quick, magical way to make your home happier, there might be a simple answer. According to Mental Floss, more lighting can do everything from helping you focus more to making your home feel cozier. Chances are you haven’t considered how much lighting your home in a fresh and unique way can change how you feel. If you step back and take inventory of the lighting in your home, you’ll probably discover that it needs an illuminating refresh.

From quirky touches to hacks to bring in more natural light, here are five ways to make the lighting in your home more interesting and innovative.

Do something unexpected

Lighting can be as stylish as it is functional in more places than just your dining room or bedroom. Look for places to light up unexpected rooms like a bathroom or powder room. Try a faux crystal chandelier or artistic hanging light fixture to light up the room. You can get as contemporary as you want or go for a Hollywood glam look. The same approach can go for those awkward in-between spaces from corridors to spaces under your staircase for attics. Look for interesting chandeliers and ceiling lights to give your spaces a touch of style, as well as more light.

Light Your Home

Go old-school

Lighting has evolved and brought us glorious innovations, from track lighting to motion sensors that turn lights off and on without ever touching a switch. But you can still embrace those old-school touches like a lava lamp. This funky, retro trend brings a fun and fresh touch to any room in your house. The best part is, a lava lamp gives you full reign to be as creative and quirky as you want. Look for lava lamps full of motion in vibrant colors and unexpected shapes.

Try it stripped

There’s a way to add just touch of light in your house to keep your home glowing at night without bulky nightlights or harsh overhead lights. Instead, opt for strip lighting under your cabinets, curio cabinets or even a staircase to add more illumination to the night. Your home will suddenly feel cozy and whimsical where night lulls you out of bed so you can make your way to a glass of milk and a good book in your living area.

Light Your Home

Go frugal

Lighting can be done on the cheap without the help of a whole new lighting scheme. Buzzfeed offers some amazing ideas, including adding cupcake liners around a garland of light bulbs for a fun and quirky look. You can also reuse materials in your own home like mason jars to add votive candles or turn into a wall sconce. Let your creativity run wild and design your own unique lighting for your home.

Add more mirrors

There are more ways to light your home than lamps, overhead fixtures and ceiling lights. You can also add more mirrors to capture the natural light you already have and reflect it throughout your home. Adding a mirror opposite a window can create the illusion you have an extra window and reflect the light. Mirrors in small rooms can also make them seem bigger than they really are.

Lighting is a game changer and can turn your home into a fun and happier place without spending a fortune. From fabulously retro lava lamps to some simple mirrors, bringing more light in your home transforms the way you feel just hanging around at home.

All images from Light Comfort by IDstudio – see the full project.

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