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In Praise of Pine: Decor Ideas for Every Room

Decor Ideas
Pine wood is one of the most beautiful and versatile styles of timber around, with many different styles available. The Pinus Genus has many different species, all of which are used in construction and furniture design according to their varying degrees of strength and flexibility. With a softer, more neutral tone than Oak, pine furniture can create a totally different feel to a room – if you know how to style it. Furniture Plus Direct is a respected UK stockist of beautiful pine furniture, and has something for every room and every taste. (Photo above – The Runners House by AR Design Studio)

Here’s a few ideas for how to create classical and contemporary looks in every home.



Aside from the bed, the wardrobe is your bedroom’s next necessity – so why not make it a focal point? Create a serene, relaxing feel in your bedroom by mixing and matching shades of neutral colours – dusky pinks, nudes, yellows, and blues all work beautifully so that your decor isn’t too eye-poppingly distracting for you to struggle to fall asleep, while reflecting the light just enough that you can get out of bed in the mornings. Dusky pastels really accentuate the softer tones of natural pine, so your wardrobe becomes a part of the decor, rather than a reluctant necessity. (Photo Above – Joao Morgado Architectural Photography)


Living Room

To create a fresh, springtime look for your living room, choose your colours wisely. A solid pine TV stand is an excellent storage option for an entertainment centre as well as books, magazines, and photographs – accentuate the beautiful finish with yellow curtains for a rustic style, that allows you privacy without compromising on light. Another idea is to work around a nest of tables, which are a great space saving alternative to a coffee table, and are perfect for minimalists, when paired with bright whites and strong pinks, yellows, greens, purples, andblues. (Photo Above – Joao Morgado Architectural Photography)



Pine is a wonderfully versatile material to use in the kitchen, with the availability of durable dining tables and stylish countertops. A simple island counter can form the basis of a traditional harvest style kitchen, accessorised with wrought iron baskets, different plaid and gingham print blinds and tea towels. If you don’t want to go too old-fashioned, another option is to add a pop of colour with fresh green walls, contrasting with white accessories, perfect if you have new metal kitchen appliances as you blend the old with the new. If the country look isn’t for you, the sandy colour if pine furniture lends itself perfectly to seaside themes, with carefully chosen blues and whites to create a bright, sunshiney kitchen – to which holiday photographs add the perfect finishing touch. (Photo above – Northern Ontario Lodge by Prototype Design Lab)

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