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Adding a Modern Twist to a Period Property

While period properties are a marvel to look at, particularly with their oodles of character, they are renowned for their general upkeep and on-going maintenance. It should also be said that there seems to be the assumption that with a period piece you can just simply remodel key aspects of the property, however it is not always that simple given the era of the property. With that being said, many interior design junkies are opting to revamp their period properties with a modern twist, as this not only enhances the look, but also the space as well. (Photo above – Old Chapel In Mill Bank Evans Vettori Architects)

Here are a few ways in which you can modernise your own period property:


Think Clean, Light and Airy

A key element to a modern home that you will have no doubt noticed is that it gives the sense of being clean and light, usually due to the soft colours. So, applying neutral colours to walls will keep things looking sleek, but do not be afraid of a hint of colour, as this also adds a contemporary note to it.  Photo above – Storkgatan 5C Apartment in Sweden Anders Bergstedt


Optimise Space

One of the ways in which modern homes look so spacious is due to the fact that they have optimised the spacing that is on offer throughout the property. This can be done by opting for space-efficient furniture, but you can create the illusion of more space by letting in more light. After all, a well-lit room is always going to appear larger! You could also invest in a summer house to provide much-needed space. Photo above – Gothenburg Apartment


Furnish With Modern Pieces

Applying modern pieces are sure to give a modern twist to any home, not just a period property. For this, go for natural and simple looking pieces in design, as they will make a great contrast to your more original period pieces without making the rooms look too busy. The thing to remember is to keep it looking clean and spacious, so try not to overfill a room with too many pieces of décor. Photo above – XIX Century Lisbon Apartment by AVA Architects

These are just the key aspects to remember when adding a modern twist to a period property. However, you could always take this further by simplifying the rooms by knocking down the smaller walls to make bigger rooms, or even by getting rid of certain original pieces such as a fireplace. They might sound drastic, but when thinking of the upkeep of such properties is often more of a curse than a blessing.

So adding a modern twist will not only look good, but it will also be less of a stress to live in too.

Family Home Designed by Elisabeth Heier

Artful Apartment by Jorge Consuelo