The Rise of Modern Country Interiors

One interior design style which is skyrocketing in popularity right now is the unique modern country style. This intriguing style borrows from two contrasting interior design styles to create something that is cosy and welcoming but also attractive and stylish. As you would expect, it is easy to get this look wrong but when used correctly it can work very well in a property.

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Country Style

The foundation of the look is country but it is quite different from the more traditional country aesthetic that has always been so popular. Traditional country relies heavily on aspects such as patterns, frills and a variety of fabrics, but the modern country style is slightly more simplistic than this and instead focuses on wood, metal, striped patterns, neutral colours and a variety of textures. This retains the all-important warm and cosy feel that is key to the traditional look but does not look so kitsch or fussy.

Modern Style

In terms of the modern aspect of this popular interior design style, this is added through the furniture and decoration. Modern coffee tables, stylish armchairs and decorative accessories can inject visual interest and contrast into the room which is key in mastering the modern country look.

Mastering the Look

It can be tricky to get the right look in the home with this interior design style but there are a few key pieces which can tie the look together. Wooden beams are a staple which can look fantastic and reclaimed furniture is another great way to achieve this look. Large sideboards from places like Cotswold can be both practical and stylish and act as a good platform for adding further decoration, such as photographs or flowers.


Essentially, this interior design style is all about creating contrast and borrowing the best aspects of these opposing styles. You can create a warm, cosy and welcoming feel through the country elements like exposed stone, wood and decorative touches, while the use of bold colour and modern furniture can make the space highly stylish and interesting. It is a more stripped back version of the traditional country look with-out the frills which has started to look dated in recent times.

It is easy to see why the modern country look is proving to be so popular right now because it can look so attractive. There are few interior design styles that are as inviting as the country look with the use of natural materials and patterns creating a cosy feel, but this look can sometimes feel fussy and kitsch. The modern country look breathes new life into the country aesthetic by removing the fussiness of traditional country and replacing it with a more simplistic and visually appealing style. This brings the best of both inter design styles for a welcoming, stylish and interesting inter design style.

Images by Matthew Millman – Wine Country Farmhouse by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Old Town Modern by dSPACE Studio

Sencillo Beach House by cmDesign Atelier