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INTERIORS: Five Ways To Update A Home After You Move In

What most people like to do once they have bought a new home is to put their own design stamp on it. This makes it theirs rather than the previous owner’s, and it allows them to enjoy the fun of moving somewhere after the initial potential stress.

Of course, moving also costs money, so the following ideas are all about decorating on a budget and creating a beautiful home.

Looking For A Perfect Property

Of course, before moving in you ideally want to find a space that works for you and meets your needs, so that you don’t have too much work to do once you move in. With the right amount of research, you can find your perfect home. Find a home with a few factors to change would provide a good balance, allowing you to bring your personality into the home, but without it costing the earth. Starting a search online for a home is the best way to go, regardless of where you are. If the location is suited to you to you, checking out homes for sale in Southwood Tallahassee is a good place to start.

Refresh With Paint

If the walls are looking a little drab and you want to do something about that, the easiest and most cost-effective way to go about it is to simply paint the walls. A coat or two of paint can be an extremely powerful way to transform a property. After all the time spent searching for the house, making an offer, then the move itself, just needing to paint the walls can be the perfect way to make your mark without spending too much money or effort.

Install A New Dishwasher

If the property you move into has an old dishwasher, it might cause your water and electricity bills to rise. It is a good idea if you can install a new dishwasher soon after you move in. It will save you money on your utilities plus it will get your dishes extra clean if it’s working perfectly well.


New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The interior of the kitchen cabinets in your new home is most likely going to be fairly standard, and if you do want to replace them, then that is never going to be a problem. However, for most of the time, the only thing that will really need to be replaced is the kitchen cabinet doors. You can easily replace the doors themselves, but alternatively, you can just as easily (and perhaps more cheaply) paint over the existing doors. This, along with adding new door handles, will give your kitchen a brand-new look.

Add Insulation

Some homes might not have adequate insulation, and this can cause the house to be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Not only will it be uncomfortable, but it will also cost you money in heating and cooling. Having the right kind of insulation in your home may be a slight expense to start with, but with the money, it will save you over the course of a year and with how wonderful it will make your new home – even better than when you chose to buy it – it is certainly worth doing.

New Front Door

If the front door of your new home is looking tired and faded, it is easy to replace it with a lovely new one. Depending on the style of house you have, you can choose any kind of door – it just needs to blend in with the house and the other houses around you. If you enjoy DIY, you could replace the door yourself. Otherwise, a handyman will be able to do it for you.

All images from Bougainvillea Row House by Luigi Rosselli Architects, see the full project. Images courtesy of Luigi Rosselli Architects.

Goodsten by Hitzig Militello Arquitectos

Skyline Apartment by MONO Architects