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Ekimetrics by Vincent & Gloria Architects

Vincent & Gloria Architects
Ekimetrics is an eye-catching new project by architect Estelle Vincent from the Paris based Vincent & Gloria Architects. Serving not only as a storage space, but also as a fun break-room made out of plywood. The storage allows space for documentation filing, placed underneath the sections where you can also take on meetings. If you want to get away from meetings, it can simply come as a space where you can easily relax from the busy office.

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The installation goes hand in hand with the ongoing recognition of stress relief in the office space itself. Companies are today even thinking about the benefit of installing nap-rooms. Recently the founder and Editor in Chief of Huffington Post the world renowned web medium, has come out with her installation of nap-rooms in Huff’s headquarters. She even wrote a chapter about it in her best selling book THRIVE, calling the action ‘Sleeping your way to the top‘. Perhaps Ekimetrics design is a perfect solution for a nap-room space?

Nevertheless see more of it after the jump, while it’s not designed for napping, it still has a super fun slide attached to it.

Naps or slides?

Ekimetrics 01 Ekimetrics 02 Ekimetrics 03 Ekimetrics 04 Ekimetrics 05

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