AEVUM Spa (Xiaojingwan Store) by Tony Kim

AEVUM Spa (Xiaojingwan Store) is located in a low-density waterfront community adjacent to the east of Shenzhen, surrounded by white sand beach, dense vegetation and peaceful buildings. Strolling in humid and saltish breeze, and staying away from the crowds, people can feel totally relaxed in this area.

As the first professional spa brand in China established for improving “physical and mental beauty”, AEVUM is devoted to recovering and healing both people’s body and mind. The vision of AEVUM fits well into Tony Kim’s concept which advocates the integration of space and emotion, so the two parties joined hands and a fantastic space where customers can gain both aesthetic experience and emotional satisfaction was created.

The facade of the store is clad with wooden veneers, which extend into the service counter and the entryway. A glass wall functions as the partition that separates the inside and outside spaces. But these spaces are interconnected visually, exerting some mysterious attraction. The gateway is paved with curved natural stones, with white gravel filling the gaps, thereby creating a casual atmosphere as wandering along the trail in a courtyard.

As the junction of interior circulations, the annular entryway leads to different functional areas including spa rooms, consulting rooms and lounge, etc. The poetic interaction of light and shadows, combined with fragrance of incense and relaxing light music, enrich customers’ sensory experience in the space.
AEVUM’s pursuit of providing ideal services is reflected in the emphasis on quality and details as well as the development of tailor-made schemes for customers to better tone the body and mind, while Tony Kim’s resolution to create simple yet warm space is embodied in items. From furniture, fittings to accessories, are all customized, with exquisite shapes and textures. The painting on the wall depicting flowing seawater, echoes with the wave-pattern carpet and blue gradient screen, adding artistic charm to the space.

A large French window faces to the terrace where customers can enjoy natural daylight and boundless seascape, rendering the austere space more dynamic and expansive, and refreshing the body and soul. Rattan screens and greenery separate the overall terrace into several parts which set off each other, ensuring vast views and privacy as well.

With love and care, AEVUM Spa hopes to awaken customers to their inside and outside beauty as well as self-recognition. Based on that, Tony Kim integrated emotional experience into the spatial design, and realized a combination of visual entertainment and emotional relaxation, which will illuminate other projects of the same kind in the future.

Photography by Chen Qinggang


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