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INTERIOR TIPS: Your Home Office Design, Sorted

If you regularly need to work from home, it is important to create a private space of your own to focus on a project or quickly cut down your task list. It is however, important to remember that a Specialist Office Design and Commercial Interior Fitout Company would design the space in such a way that it improves your efficiency, productivity and creativity. So you must endeavour to do the same.

Check out these ARCHISCENE magazine tips on how to develop a home office design that can support your performance.

Renovate a Room within the Home

If you have a spare bedroom going to waste, you should transform it into your very own office. If you don’t have a room to spare, consider renovating your garage, attic or basement. However, avoid decorating it like a corporate office, which can appear cold and clinical, and design it the same way you would style your home. After all working from home should allow you some comfort as well. Nevertheless a more home-like vibe is a must have trend by many recently renovated offices. 

For example, use natural materials to make it appear both warm and cozy, such as a small leather sofa and/or a wooden desk, and fill your office with colorful artwork, cushions, and accessories. Also bare in mind, nobody wants those terrible overhead neon office lights all day long. The quality of the lighting in your home office can play a big part in your overall productivity, while choosing your lighting bear in mind you are still in your home but also creating a productive work environment. 

Care for Your Home Office Flooring

As you will be spending much time inside your home office, it is vital to maintain a clean, hygienic and stylish floor, which can impact the look and feel of the design. Turn to to create a fresh environment that will make you feel excited to get up out of bed and get to work.

Choose a Comfortable Office Chair

Don’t make the mistake of opting for a cheap office chair, as it could negatively affect your comfort level and focus. What’s more, it could lead to the development of various health problems, such as back pain or neck strain. It is often worth paying a little more for an ergonomic chair that will increase your comfort level and support your health.

Boost Creativity & Purify the Air with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a must-have in any home office. A little greenery will not only add some much-needed color into an interior design, but the plant life can reportedly remove impurities in the air, which can create a fresh, clean space.

The best indoor plant options include:

Snake plants
Gerber Daisies
Warneck Dracaena
Weeping Fig
Umbrella Tree

Home Office


Not only can an indoor plant improve a room’s atmosphere and become a beautiful focal point, but indoor plants are believed to improve a person’s productivity levels and wellbeing by 50%, so it could help you to quickly work your way through your growing task list. It could therefore be the perfect addition to your stylish home office. Furthermore if you scroll through interior design web pages, pinterest boards or decor magazine you are likely to see a plant used in each and every room livening up the space. 


Home Office

Invest in Various Storage Solutions

Filling up your home office with paperwork, industry books and belongings can detract from the design and make the room appear cramped and cluttered. Free up your space, improve organization and clear your mind by investing in various storage solutions. Nowadays thankfully major retailers such as IKEA offer various affordable options, even simple metal shelves are now quite on trend.

For example, incorporate a stylish bookcase into your interior to store your books, awards, and belongings. You also should hang shelving to display family photographs and office accessories.

The images feature a striking project by the Austin Maynard Architects, an Australian based architecture practice who shaped a home of one of the owners and connected with an existing storefront. The office is rich with home-like sentiment and its utilizing the best of cozy living space while making the best out of the available space – Discover the full project.

AEVUM Spa (Xiaojingwan Store) by Tony Kim

FGN House by OASI Architects