Creating Culinary Fusion: The Story of T TIME by PaM Design Office

Crafting a Unique Culinary Experience in Beijing

©Wang Ning

T TIME, situated at 239 Andingmen Avenue in Beijing, stands out as a versatile culinary haven, offering patrons an array of gastronomic delights ranging from Yakitori to craft beer, alongside exclusive private dining options. The restaurant’s strategic location amidst the charming old courtyards and bustling new shops of the city creates a dynamic and inclusive commercial atmosphere, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a sensory journey through flavors, textures, and ambiance.

Despite the appeal of its surroundings, T TIME’s journey was not without its challenges. Designed by PaM Design Office, the restaurant faced the task of reconciling old and new architectural elements. Following the partial demolition of the old structure and the addition of a substantial flat roof, uncertainty loomed over the project’s direction. However, fueled by the client’s urgent demands for expanded seating capacity and a rapid turnaround time, the project team embarked on a mission to deliver a finalized plan within a week and commence construction within two weeks. This ambitious timeline necessitated precise coordination and innovative problem-solving to overcome the obstacles presented by the blend of old and new architectural elements.

©Wang Ning
©Wang Ning

The project’s evolution offers a narrative of resilience and adaptation in the face of unforeseen obstacles. Traces of historical eaves and hidden relics dating back to the Republican era surfaced during demolition, presenting both challenges and opportunities for creative integration into the new design. Structural adjustments were made to navigate the constraints of the site, ensuring optimal utilization of space while preserving the integrity of the original materials and architectural heritage.

©Wang Ning
©Wang Ning

From the carefully preserved wooden beams and columns to the innovative reinterpretation of space through interior renovations, T TIME represents the spirit of innovation while paying homage to its rich cultural legacy. As visitors step through its doors, they are welcomed into a realm where history and innovation converge, promising an unforgettable culinary journey for all who venture within.


Design Firm: PaM Design Office
Completion Time: June, 2023
Design Team: Mi Qiangqiang, Wu Xiaomin, Yu Dongyan
Supervise: Wu Xiaomin
Address: No. 239, Andingmen Street, Beijing, China
Building Area: 300 sqm
Photography: Wang Ning
Copyright: Wang Ning
Construction: Mai Zhuangzhuang
Collaborating Suppliers: Shui Wei Zhou (Overall Stainless Steel), Wang Tao (Vintage Timber), QUZU (Lighting)
Special Thanks: Da E

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