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Monolithic Santorini Residence by Kapsimalis Architects

Kapsimalis Architects designed this stunning private residence overlooking the scenic landscape of the island of Santorini. The house is designed to resemble a piece of volcanic rock and is 20 meters in length and width. It is made of a mixture of soil and cement that allows it to adapt to the colors and textures of the environment around it. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

The architects gradually subtracted volumes from the monolith to shape the living spaces including open plan living rooms, dining areas and spaces of relaxation. The open plan is in a direct relation with the outdoor patios and its surrounding environment, made of the yellow and green colours of the vines in front, anhydrous cacti and views of the Aegean sea. The attic leads to a sunken terrace while small pools on the residence’s perimeter are surrounded by various mediterranean plants. Several primitive, handmade furniture pieces in various materials including concrete, clay, marble, wood and iron are placed in the interior and exterior spaces.


Visuals by Sugarvisuals

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