Discover the new revolution in your house: Furniture

Discover the new revolution in your house Furniture (3)

Every home has its own unique aura. Good paint and lights just add up the finishing to your house but furniture is like jewels, always necessary and demanded.  Furniture are the most eye-catcher in every home décor. In the old times, people have to visit shops to buy furniture and then carry that bulky furniture to their homes, but now with the modern era, lots of online shopping portals are selling furniture at very reasonable prices and that too at your home. There is no need to visit the shop.

Many web portals are now engaged in online selling of furniture. Most of them are offering amazing offers on buying furniture. Leading online shopping portal Flipkart has some fabulous Flipkart Furniture Offers which a buyer can avail while online shopping of furniture.

Furniture design can be beyond imaginations. Furniture are one of those parts of your house where you can consume all your creativity. From very bulky pieces to some extremely light weighted item can boost the look of your house to another level.  To enhance your home décor, we have enlisted some creative ideas that will look awesome and rich in functionality.

So to motivate you, here we are showcasing some beautiful and fascinating collection of creative furniture designs, which are symbols of creativity. The furniture industry is always full of inspiration and innovation, but the current trend of using creative furniture is centered on portability and usability rather than design and compatibility. Here is the complete list. This creative collection includes; chairs, sofas, beds, cupboards, bookshelf, table and many other multi-functional types of furniture and their architectural designs.

Multiple Modular Furniture

Multiple Modular Furniture is a versatile and creative modular furniture concept. This type of furniture idea is best suited for any home type but it is mostly preferred for space saving. This modular furniture can be turned into almost everything. You can turn it into a table, a bed, a chair, and even a sofa. Put this into your living room, turn it into a sofa and it will glorify your place amazingly. Make it a bed and use it to relax in your leisure time. It is soft and comfy and will give you a perfect feel.

Discover the new revolution in your house Furniture (3)

Chair Bookshelf for bookworms

Another addition to this list is a modified bookshelf for book lovers. This magnificent bookshelf has an inbuilt sitting space. The furniture is named bookworm as it is designed for the reading addicts, the bookworm. This furniture offers a dedicated sitting space with shelves around. Hold your coffee mug and open a book and relax in this specially designed furniture. This creation is a must-have for those who love to read books in their spare time.

Rugged Wooden Tables

Rugged wooden tables are the modern creation with a retro touch. These are rough bundles of wooden logs that are bundled together to shape a table. A slight epoxy resin adds a magnificent glow to this art piece. This piece of art can be used indoor as well as outdoor. It resembles a cowboy taste and reminds of early man. This table has shelves too that you can use to put your stuff secretly from the world.

Discover the new revolution in your house Furniture (3)

Chair and tables that fit into a Shelf

Now, this is a blend of art and creation. This is space saving and looks really trendy when putting in your living space. This is actually a shelf with spaces for chairs and table. The chairs and table have some fancy colors that boost its look.

Sofa  Bunk Bed

The sofa bed is not new. It has been in trend from ages but this one is a real gem. It converts into a twin sharing bed. This is not bulky and can be easily transformed from a sofa to a comfortable twin bed. Its structure is designed in a way so that even a child can transform it easily.

Discover the new revolution in your house Furniture (3)

Dining Table and Chairs Set

This is a mini Dining arrangement for four people. It has a small table and four chairs in which you can enjoy a meal with your family and friends. The combination is designed in a way that all the four chairs get enclosed in the table itself.

Discover the new revolution in your house Furniture (3)

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