Agrochemical Private Labeling for Garden and Lawn Care

Managing an extensive property is difficult even for a property manager and a team of staff when the grounds are expansive. Whether it’s considerable grounds and gardens on a hotel property where the pathways and lawn must be kept looking immaculate, or an office complex with a series of attractive mini-gardens around the perimeter of their headquarters, a lack of care speaks volumes to visitors.

If you are looking to create a private label brand for a unique niche; garden and property managers, golf course owners or even large schools are always looking for better systems to maintain their grounds.

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Agrochemicals and turf enhancers are not the most attractive and edgy product ideas you can think of when starting a private label brand, but it’s been continually proven that innovating in typically unattractive and dated industries is often much easier than trying to reinvent the wheel with a brand-new invention.

In this article, we’re going to explore the opportunities that the garden and lawn care niche opens up to private label sellers looking to appeal to new and unique markets. This is an industry which has not yet been saturated, will always be continually needed by various organizations and also has many extremely large potential clients (landowners). Agrochemical products can be easily sourced, branded and sold with high margins like any other successful eCommerce/physical retail product. Let’s take a look at them.

Marketing the Importance of Garden Care in a Professional Environment

For guests at the hotel or visitors to an office, a shabby looking exterior to the property doesn’t bode well. It makes visitors feel like the business has no interest in making a good first impression. It sets a bad tone before even setting foot inside the interior for the first time.

Whether meeting prospective clients or just suppliers that the company is keen to impress before signing a deal, it’s important to be strong across the board. Getting caught out by dismissive remarks about something the company overlooked, whether that’s a poorly written clause in a business contract, missing something out that was previously agreed or failing to take care of their own business grounds, it can cause embarrassment that’s impossible to walk back from.

Business deals have been lost over far less with fickle clients uneasy about making a deal and looking for any excuse to back out before signing a contract.

With this in mind, marketing your agrochemical and turf enhancers shouldn’t be too hard. It’s clear what the problems you’ll be solving for the client and for example, you can create marketing campaigns which appeal to the emotion behind an embarrassing lawn. Also, to how a well-kept lawn can leave an impression which reinforces your brand values and improves your business. There’s plenty of marketing ammunition to choose from here when you get around to selling your private label lawn care offerings.

Lawn Rescue: What to Do When a Lawn Needs Urgent Assistance?

In some circumstances, a lawn becomes discolored. This can be due to a variety of factors, including lower-quality soil, too little or too much sunlight, a lack of nutrients or not enough water.Challenging weather conditions at some business premises makes it difficult for grass to stay alive, grow, and retain its usual green hue and vibrant appearance. Similarly, with too much sun exposure, grass can begin to take on the appearance of hay with a grey-brownish hue and not its familiar robust green.

As a private label supplier, you can capitalize on the necessity that turf managers have to ensure their grass stays in great shape, no matter which season. If you can find private label manufacturers who create specialist items for overcoming these seasonal issues, you have found a really intelligent and attractive sub niche of lawn care which most other sellers will overlook. If we continue with this example of grass discoloration, we researched and found that AmegA Sciences USA are offering a whole sale solution we can private label and offer to turf managers. They have a product called Rapid Green Turf Paint.

Their product has been designed to return the natural green color of grass for turf that has lost both its usual color and healthy sheen. The chemical works at the molecular level to alter the grass in such a way to change its color. Because of this approach, rain doesn’t affect the color alteration in any way. It also doesn’t fade in short order, so it’s an ideal solution for gardeners on corporate properties under orders to get the lawn looking lush and beautiful again.

The Rapid Green product includes a unique binder that chemically alters the color of the grass. It gets uniformly applied thanks to the wetting agent within the product – the producer is an expert in creating wetting agents – which assists with each application to provide a consistent appearance across the turf.

The solution is mixed with water, which dilutes it to the strength necessary to achieve the required color. When applied evenly, the final appearance looks natural and consistent across the lawn. It’s safe for humans, pets and plant life, and environmentally friendly too!

With all of the information we’ve managed to collect about the Turf Paint, we feel this would be a great example of a private label product to pursue and offer to our target audience.

Lawn Fundamentals 101 for Corporate Sites

Lawns at a corporate location, hotel premises or another site might not be extensive compared to commercial botanical gardens, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require adequate preparation and lawn care. Getting lawn preparation right at the beginning avoids many of the latter problems.

Be Careful with Lawn Purchases from Out of State

Grass grows best when its native to the area. When preparing a new lawn or replacing parts of it that never seem to grow correctly, ordering lawn supplies from out of state isn’t advisable.
The reason is simple enough: grass adapts to the environment it’s grown in.

This includes its location temperature, soil mixture, weather conditions and amount of sunshine exposure. A growing lawn gets a type of ‘culture shock’ when being relocated and doesn’t fare well in the weeks and months ahead.

If you can source local grass suppliers, you should have no issue reselling to corporate sites in your area on a contractual basis. You can demonstrate the importance of using a native strain and even bring samples with you to a meeting for your new client to try!

pH Soil Level

Also, consider the pH level of the soil itself. A 6-7.2 level is required for lawns to successfully grow. Turf managers usually perform a test on the soil to determine whether its suitable for a new lawn.

If you can source private label products which rebalance the pH of soil with an alkaline or acid agent, you can save your customers from having to search far and wide for the right lawn soils. This is a really unique opportunity and we have even found a manufacturer who is offering this type of agrochemical in Florida. This is a prime example of micro-innovating in an unattractive niche, which is not hard to do when you find the right specialist manufacturer or formulator to assist.

Garden and Lawn Care is an Excellent Opportunity for Private Label Sellers.

In this article, we discussed a niche you may not have considered before for your next venture. It’s a niche which you can offer innovative solutions for to fill common client needs. These needs and problems you’ll be solving are straight forward to market and quantify.

The agrochemical industry has grown exponentially in the last decade as human population has risen; therefore, anything you do sell will inevitably be useful for a very long time. You can create long term business relationships with a few large clients such as golf course chains who will make lots of bulk repeat orders.

Your typical demographic will be 40+ years experienced business men/women and land owners who are often reliable, loyal customers who can appreciate the improvements you’ll be adding to their process.

Lastly, due to the unattractive nature of agrochemicals, most of your competitors branding will be sub-par when compared to newer businesses such as tech start-ups. If you can apply the ultra-modern branding approach to your utility product range, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting ahead. Invest in a great web designer, copywriter and graphic designer and you’ll see your previously-unattractive products become the most attractive offers in this niche! It’s that simple.

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