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Guggenheim Museum by Projekt Praga

Projekt Praga 01

Up and coming Polish architecture practice Project Gaga is one of the honorable mentions in the competition for the design of Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki (Finland). The project has over 1715 entries coming from 77 countries.

In result of this research, museum space is defined as a fluent, full of social activity and interactions, easily accessible, two-level public platform. Exterior and interior are continuity, making the building more connected with city public space. In this continuity one element is highlighted – the gallery block. Saving the view from and to the park, most of the museum functions were flatten into one level and hidden under the upper plaza. Both plazas are referring to the natural landscape, far from the rigor and repetitions. Archetypal, universal form of the small hut, additionally present in the Finnish tradition in a very special way (autiotupa, sauna), is used in the project to enhance its public sense and human scale. Art exhibition, with strong educational profile enhanced by multimedia, is not limited to the gallery space – it comes out into public spaces, both interior and exterior, and gets visitors involved in the interactive relation with art. – from Project Gaga

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