Improving Indoor Air Quality With Air Purifiers

Everything you wanted to know about Air Purifiers

Improving Indoor Air Quality With Air Purifiers

An air purifier is what it sounds like, it helps to clean and purify the air. Inside the air purifier is a fan that effectively pulls in the air from the room you wish to have cleaner air. 

The air is then flushed through filers that are in the unit which remove different pollutants from the air, once this is done, the fresh, cleaner air is pushed back out into the room.

Air purifiers are different from humidifiers or dehumidifiers as they do not add or take away moisture from the air, so you do not have to worry about a purifier making a room to dry or too damp. An air purifier does not alter temperature either.

The Right Size Air Purifier

This really depends on the size of the room you wish to use the air purifier in. Measure your room in square metres before searching for the perfect air purifier.

Keep the unit away from walls at the edge of the room, making sure to allow some space all around the purifier so it can effectively pull in and then recirculate the air.

Air purifiers are usually made to be kept running all the time, so you wont need to worry about switching it off. It can run in the background completely safe with no issues.

An air purifier in the bedroom can aid your sleep and help you get better quality sleep, as it removes irritants like pollen which can make you cough and sneeze in the night. Restful sleep is proven to reduce stress, so having an air purifier in your room is a great idea.

Improving Indoor Air Quality With Air Purifiers

Different Types Of Air Purifier

There are different models of air purifier depending on what you require of them.

If you are looking at removing dust from the air then you will probably want to look at units that have a HEPA filter, these are perfect for removing pollutants from the air, like dust.

Purifiers with carbon filters are mainly used to control odours so are great for helping keep your rooms smell fresh and clean.

There are also ionic air purifiers available, which work by sending out electrically charged ions to attach to the pollutants and remove them. Ultraviolet filters are also available which can kill some viruses and bacteria so these air purifiers are good at getting rid of any germs in the home.

Make sure to read online reviews for the best rated air purifiers before deciding which air purifier to purchase. There are many different models and styles and the prices can range widely, so always do your research before paying out.

Keeping Your Air Purifier Clean

Different machines will have different cleaning protocols, some will need filters replaced and some will just need to be cleaned, at different points in time.

Make sure to look at all instructions on the maintenance of your air purifier machine as it is a lot cheaper to replace filters than it is to have to replace the whole unit.

If filters do not get changed regularly or if the machine is not cleaned properly then it will not be keeping the air quality as good as it should be.

Should I Buy A Cheap Or Expensive Air Purifier?

Depending on your budget there is a wide range of different air purifiers on the market. Some of the cheaper models can start at a price range of fifty pounds where some of the more expensive models can go up to as high as five hundred pounds.

For a small room a cheaper model may suffice but for larger more spacey rooms you may need to purchase a larger and slightly more expensive air purifier.

There are bargains to be had if you shop around tho so make sure you don’t rush into your purchase, instead take your time and seek out the best possible deals.

It’s always a good idea to try and get a longer warranty with your air purifier at the point of purchase. Most should have a standard one year warranty but if you decide to buy a more expensive model, it may be a good idea to look into an extended warranty to protect you from any problem that may occur further down the line.

Improving Indoor Air Quality With Air Purifiers

Other Things It Can Help With

Alongside helping to clear the air and improve air quality which can help with asthmatics and people who suffer from allergies it can also help improve air quality in rooms that have previously had smokers in.

If you are moving into a house where the previous owner was a smoker the odours from the nicotine and smoke can be awful, particularly for non smokers.

Using an air purifier can really help improve the air quality and air flow in these rooms and you should notice a difference straight away.

If you have pets or again move into a house that has had cats or dogs, an air purifier can help with these types of odours. Pets particularly dogs can often leave a strong odour that normally could take a long time to get rid of, but by utilising your new air purifier in these rooms can really help improve things drastically.

If you live near a busy road or motoward, then you may find your house smelling of fumes and petrol from the traffic and cars. Nobody likes the smell of hot busy roads, certainly  not within their house. Again air purifiers can help with this matter by recycling the air to get rid of not only the smell of the fumes but the bacteria that can be found within the air.

To Sum Up

Air purifiers are a great tool to use to help clean and make the air within your home not only smell better but also make it a much healthier environment for you to live in.

They are a great purchase for any home, so shop around, research which one would work best for you.






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