The Pros and Cons of Putting a Swimming Pool at your Home

The Pros and Cons of Putting a Swimming Pool at your Home

A swimming pool is a great addition for most homes. Swimming pools provide so much value in terms of entertainment and relaxation. While swimming pools are a fantastic luxury fixture for homes, it does come with certain responsibilities. The following information will highlight the pros and cons of having a swimming pool at your home.

The Cons: The Negatives About Owning a Swimming Pool

First, we are going to give you the negatives about swimming pools. We’ll do the bad news first, so you will be encouraged once we get to the good news. However, the bad news must be considered so you can make a wise decision regarding this issue.

  1. Swimming Pools Are Expensive To Install

No homeowner should think that building a swimming pool onto their property is going to be a cheap thing to do. You can’t go out and have someone build a standard size swimming pool for a few thousand dollars. Truthfully, if you have connections to a pool installer who will cut you a good deal, then go for it. Most people probably will not have this kind of connection.

The average person will pay $22,000 to add a pool onto their property. Some homes can have this feature for as much as $200,000. The main thing you should remember is that if you don’t have the money to install a pool don’t try and get one. Get an inflatable pool for home. An inflatable pool will be cheaper to purchase, set up and maintain. Pool builders in Austin TX consider the overall expense for building private pool areas.

  1. You Should Not Get A Swimming Pool If You Can’t Maintain It

Installing a pool onto your property is an expensive thing to do. Maintaining a swimming pool will siphon away more of your money over time. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is thinking they can have a pool installed onto their property and not have to maintain it. This is a very bad way to think about a pool. If you don’t maintain your newly built swimming hole; you’re going to make a lot of people sick and the neighbors very unhappy.

Proper pool maintenance includes removing debris from the surface of the water and from the bottom of the pool. Adding chemicals to the water to keep it clean. Testing the water for any microorganisms that could make people sick. Also monitoring the pH levels. You will have to clean the filters, brush the pool wall and repair any type of damage done to the walls or bottom of your pool. The cost to maintain a pool could be up to $6,000. The average annual cost is around $4,000. Homeowners who cannot spare the extra $4,000 a year to maintain their pool should not get this luxury item.

  1. Safety Barriers are Essential for Pools

Many communities require homeowners to have safety barriers (fencing) around their pool area. This protects you children and pets from going into a pool unattended. This is another consideration that pools owners must think about when installing a pool. Hundreds of children and pets often drown each year because of unprotected pool areas. If you have small children or pets, make sure they cannot get into your pool area by accident.

  1. Your Electric Bill Will Increase When You Have A Pool

Having a pool will cause your electric bill to increase. This is because it costs money to run the electric filtering system which helps to keep the pool clean and usable. People also heat up their pools and this too can be very expensive. Expect your electricity bill to go up about $300 during the warm summer months and up to $600 a month for heating up a pool during the winter. This is another hidden expense that most pool owners don’t think about.

  1. A Wise Pool Owner Is Insured

The worst thing that could happen to a pool owner is someone drowning in their pool area. Also, a person who contracts a disease is another unwanted situation. Pool owners who are smart, will have insurance in place. This will protect them financially in case someone becomes ill, is seriously injured or dies because of swimming in their pool. This is another expense that most owners don’t think about.

  1. The Resale Value Of A Pool Is Low

Installing a pool in your home will not make the value of your house increase. Remember, if you live in a neighborhood where most people don’t own a pool; you are not going to get much for this fixture. Your house will be valued according to the price that is common for your community. Think seriously about this point before you add a pool to your yard. You probably won’t get back the investment that you put into adding this fixture.

The Pros and Cons of Putting a Swimming Pool at your Home

The Pros: The Positives About Adding A Pool To Your Home

We already discussed the bad things about pool ownership. Now, we are going to address the good things about having a pool.

  1. Swimming Pools Are Great for Entertainment

Swimming pools are designed for recreation and entertainment. This is the main purpose that they serve. You can host a swimming party with your family, relatives and friends. A swimming pool will allow you to entertain guests from different places and it will help to make your home a popular place to hang out and have parties. Swimming pools also provide people with a great way to cool off during the long and hot summer months. Also, you don’t have to share your pool with the public.

  1. Swimming Pools Provide Lots Of Exercise

You can get a lot of exercise and recreation with your own swimming pool. People use their pools for physical therapy and other healing benefits as well. Once again, having your own personal pool is beneficial for health reasons. Doing laps in your swimming pool will help you to tone muscles, burn calories and build endurance.

  1. Pools Are Great For Your Stress And Mental Health

Having a pool is a great way for people to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. It is also useful for helping a person to maintain their mental health. Most people areas for homes are lavishly designed and the environment can soothe a person’s mind. Also, swimming alone can help a person to clear their mind and get focus. This normally doesn’t happen at a public pool.

  1. Pool Areas Can Be Great Places for Staycations

Sometimes, families can’t take a vacation every year. One way that they can overcome this problem is doing a staycation with their pool. One of the best things about owning a pool is redecorating your pool area. You could actually redesign your pool area to look like an exotic getaway. This provides a great alternative to taking a trip when you don’t have the time, money or freedom to do so. Pool builders in Austin TX could help you to transform your pool area.

  1. Sponsor Community Events At Your Pool

People that are active in their community could host an event at their home. They could have a swim party for needy kids or for local church members. If you sponsor a charity, then you could also sponsor a pool related event in honor of the group you support. Your pool could be used for special events to help causes that you fully endorse.

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