Great Ideas for Home Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor Lighting

There are few things that change the feel of a room or space more drastically than lighting, and while people often spend a lot of time considering the different types of interior options, when it comes to outdoor lighting people all too often just throw-up some type of spotlight or timed lamp without giving it a second thought. Outdoor lighting, however, is an extremely important consideration, especially if you have a patio or garden where you are looking to spend some time in the evenings. If you’re looking to set-up some outdoor lighting, here are a few great options.

1. Line your walkways

One of the most important features of outdoor lighting is providing your and your guests the ability to see the pathway to your house. This is especially important if you’re not using the outdoor space and don’t want to waste energy lighting your whole garden, but visitors to be able to see their way to and from your house. Low-lights that hug the ground and give off a lamp or lantern type atmosphere are usually the best options. Image SilverWoodHouse in Portugal by Ernesto Pereira


2. Look for green options

Solar lights are not only a great way to save costs and conserve energy, but they’re also the simplest types of lights to install, as they require no wiring. Just be sure to place them in positions where they have access to sunlight during the day.

3. Outlining and spotlighting

Some great ways to draw attention to fine features of your garden or yard are to install lighting that spotlights or outlines them. If you happen to have a pretty tree as a central figure to your yard than consider placing a spotlight at its base that points towards its top, which will dramatize the beauty of this feature. Similarly, outlining flowerbeds with smaller and less powerful lights will show-off the accents and layers of your garden.


4. Bright entry light

Although they can sometimes feel slightly overpowering, a strong overhead light in your entryway will not only help you find the keyhole on moonless nights but will also provide an important safety feature for your whole household.

5. Vary your lighting

For anyone who is looking to light a backyard that features multiple areas, such as porch, hot tub, and garden areas, considering setting up your lighting so that each area has its own unique atmosphere, from the brighter spots where you might eat, to the darker areas where you relax with a drink in hand. Remember, as with any type of home decoration and design, the most important thing is that you are happy and satisfied with what you’re going to live with.

Whatever outdoor lighting you decide to purchase, retailers like Tesco have a huge variety of options to choose from, the most difficult part will be just limiting yourself to just one or two!

Images by Fraser Mummery and Louise LaPierres used under the Creative Commons License.

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