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How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Summer

As we are bound to spend more time at home it is also time for us to take care of our lawns on our own – here are a few tips compiled by our editors helping you keep your lawn looking good:

Do you want to have a yard with a lush green lawn? Every homeowner would like to have a perfectly maintained lawn. The weather conditions in summer might be damaging for your grass and you should pay special attention. So, you need to prepare it for the upcoming months. The preparation process is different between seasons. Read on and find out more about the things that you need to do before the summer!

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Clear away the debris

Before you start doing any work make sure that you remove any debris on your way. Large bulky debris such as rocks or branches might damage your lawnmower. Also, make sure that you prepare all the equipment beforehand. Always start with sharp blades. Otherwise, you can damage the grass.

Mow properly

Mowing is a crucial part of the whole process, as it will keep your lawn in good shape. But, not everyone knows how to do it properly. Don’t keep the lawn too short, as this will expose the soil to the sun rays. And you really want your lawn to be drought-resistant. The appropriate height is different for specific types of lawns. Find out what height is the best for yours.

Don’t mow when the grass is wet. It will be harder, and you might end up with an uneven cut. Plus, you won’t be able to easily collect the cutouts once you are done.

Mowing might be overwhelming for some. You might not feel like you have the skills to do this. Or, you simply don’t have enough time to do all it. But you still want to make your lawn look like the ones at the golf courts. Consider hiring special lawn maintenance services for your lawn. Find a trusted and reliable service that covers your area. For reviews of different contractors, you can check the House Method.


Aeration is very important for a healthy lawn and is advised that you do it during the growing season. It will allow for the water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. Use a lawn aerator to make small holes. It is best to do this while the soil is moist. Many might not think that aeration is summer is a good step. But, keep in mind that it is a good thing to do when your yard has a lot of movement. Especially if you walk on it frequently or your kids use it for playing. Aerating is very useful when the soil is compact.

Proper watering

The summer heat can make the water evaporate quickly. Many experienced gardeners will advise you to train the lawn to grow the roots deeper. You should water less often, but deeply. Over-watering can make the grass weak, so avoid it. The best solution is to water twice a week in the morning. Don’t do it during the hottest time of the day. The water will evaporate quickly, which brings the risk of drying.

Check the watering system

If you have a watering system, make sure that you check it. You don’t want to find out that it isn’t’ working when the lawn will need it the most. Perform a simple test to see if it is working properly. Inspect all of the crucial parts to spot any defects and leaks. Check the water pressure to see if there are any leaks. If you find anything wrong with a built-in system, it is always better to solve it on time. A broken water system can increase the water bills and leave the grass without the needed moisture.

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Casa Urrutia by Sol Blanc

Casa Urrutia by Sol Blanc