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Serlachius Museum by Atelier Zündel & Cristea

Serlachius Museum

Project: Serlachius Museum
Designed by Atelier Zündel & Cristea 
Client: Gostä Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation 
Project Area: 4800 m² 
Location: Mänttä, Finland 
Atelier Zündel & Cristea designs an impressive musem building for a location in Mänttä, displaying the works along an endless multilevel pedestrian route created for the museum visitors.

Serlachius MuseumSerlachius MuseumSerlachius MuseumSerlachius MuseumSerlachius Museum

From the Architects: 

Facing the Manor, that solitary and compact object with its beautiful architectural gesture, its dominant position, we do not hesitate in proposing an easily accessible architecture, close to the ground, opening onto the surrounding nature, sensitive to nature’s beauty and fragility.

Our first idea was to house the museum in a large linear structure that would traverse the landscape. A structure of this sort is reminiscent of bridges and pathways, amusement parks, works of art, rather than of a traditional building. This linear space highlights the surrounding works that together bring about a unique experience in the visitor: in the building’s interior a playground for the mind, in the enveloping outside a playground for the body.

Our museum is a cultural space that invites visitors to discover works of art while discovering themselves along walks.

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