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Minimal Compact House by Filipe Pina & Maria Ines Costa

JA House Archiscene 1

Architects Filipe Pina & Maria Ines Costa designs a stunningly modern yet compacted house in Guarda, Portugal.

“Located on the north-center of Portugal, the house was meant to combine the rural and the urban lifestyle. The lot is surrounded by different types of constructions, consequence of the informal settlements, characteristics of most Portuguese cities neighbourhoods.”

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JA House Archiscene 3JA House Archiscene 16

The first principle was to separate the new and the old construction, even if they are connected inside. A stone volume represents the existent building; a concrete volume the new one.JA House Archiscene 5JA House Archiscene 6

The second principle was to introduce light in the middle of the house. Two different empty spaces were generated: the entrance, and the heart of the house – the courtyard.JA House Archiscene 12JA House Archiscene 2

The courtyard and the stairs are the center of the house and its living. These are the key elements for the spatial relationships between the different parts of the house, the interior and the exterior. JA House Archiscene 4 JA House Archiscene 10The program was divided in two levels: the living room, the kitchen and the garage were positioned on the ground floor; the bedrooms and the library at the first floor. The suite was placed in a privileged point – the memory of the old house.JA House Archiscene 7 JA House Archiscene 9 JA House Archiscene 11 JA House Archiscene 8The scale and the site identity were always present on the construction details and material choices: stone, concrete, steel and oak wood. Inside the white and the wood comfort. Outside a granitic and a new concrete mass were sculpted on the same way.JA House Archiscene 15 JA House Archiscene 14 JA House Archiscene 13

Websites: Filipe Pina, Maria Ines Costa

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