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  • studio

    Future Community Center, Xikou by studio Studio has successfully completed the construction of the Future Community Center in Xikou, marking the culmination of the Rural Future Community project. Situated in the heart of Xikou Town, this transformative endeavor aims to rejuvenate a residential quarter built for pyrite workers over six decades ago. The Future Community Center stands as the sole […] More

  • Various Associates

    FUTURE CITY Exhibition Center by Various Associates

    Various Associates have recently completed their latest project in Shenzen, China – the FUTURE CITY Exhibition Center. Situated in the heart of Shenzhen’s Golden Luohu, this landmark project combines elements of tradition and modernity, creating a space that invites visitors on a captivating journey through time. A Golden Legacy: The Evolution of Luohu Luohu’s rich […] More

  • SENAA architekti

    Aquapark Kyjov by SENAA architekti

    The Aquapark Sport and Relaxation Center in Kyjov proudly introduces its revamped complex, combining a modernized outdoor public swimming pool with a newly-constructed indoor swimming pool. The project, helmed by SENAA architekti, brings a refreshing and contemporary touch to a century-old aquatic history. A Stroll Through Time and Nature The aquatic journey of Aquapark Kyjov […] More

  • Studio RAP

    Studio RAP Unveils 3DPrinted Ceramic House in Amsterdam

    Studio RAP has unveiled its latest project – the Ceramic House, a transformative project that utilizes cutting-edge 3D printing technology to reshape the architectural landscape of Amsterdam’s prestigious P.C. Hooftstraat. This bespoke architectural endeavor showcases Studio RAP’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary design by seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art digital fabrication processes. […] More

  • Mutant Arquitectura

    Casa De Bouro by Mutant Arquitectura & Design

    Mutant Arquitectura & Design has recently completed its latest residential project In the heart of Guardenha in the picturesque region of Terras de Bouro – Casa de Bouro. This residence is more than just a house; it’s a profound embodiment of the concept “a hug to nature.” The design philosophy behind Casa de Bouro centers […] More

  • Kerimov Architects

    Introspective House by Kerimov Architects

    Kerimov Architects have recently completed work on the Introspective House, a 1200 square meter private residence nestled on a 50-acre site adjacent to the pristine Losiny Ostrov National Park in the Moscow region. The Introspective House unites functionality, aesthetics, and the utmost consideration for the inhabitants’ privacy. Comprising five interconnected volumes, the structure is ingeniously […] More

  • Agis Mourelatos

    Retiré Athénien by Agis Mourelatos | Architects

    The Retiré Athénien project by Agis Mourelatos | Architects is reshaping the traditional concept of a penthouse apartment, turning a top-floor flat into a contemporary space that fosters openness, communication, and a unique way of living. Led by the visionary architect Agis Mourelatos, the project showcases a stunning blend of modern design, functionality, and an […] More

  • Mercado in Groningen by De Zwarte Hond and Loer Architecten

    In a significant stride towards urban revitalization and sustainability, the Mercado project, designed by the collaborative efforts of De Zwarte Hond and Loer Architecten, has reached completion, marking a new era for Groningen’s city centre. The project, a brainchild of developers MWPO and Beauvast, is a testament to the vision of creating a future-proof meeting […] More

  • Plus One Architects Create The Perfect Design Sauna

    Plus One Architects in their latest project succssefully establish a well-defined area characterised by a coherent arrangement. They also utilise materials that are organic and possess a realistic quality. Examine the historical background of the primary edifice of the baths. The successful completion of the new Spa building in Třeboň necessitated various factors, with the […] More

  • Los Cerezos House by OPACO Studio

    OPACO Studio has recently completed their latest residential project in Córdoba, Argentina – Los Cerezos House. The residence, spanning an impressive 350.00m2, seamlessly combines noble materials and clean lines to create a space that is not only elegant but also timeless. Los Cerezos House welcomes visitors with a facade adorned by a wooden lattice volume, […] More

  • Seear-Budd Ross

    RK Residence by Seear-Budd Ross

    Seear-Budd Ross has completed its latest residential project in the heart of Lower Hutt , The RK Residence. Crafted primarily from weathered timber and light, sand-colored materials, the RK Residence mimics the texture and tone of its native surroundings while paying homage to the neighboring vernacular in its form. The distinctive stretched hip roof, inspired […] More

  • MASONPRINCE Shenzhen Office by TOMO

    Chinese fashion brand MASONPRINCE has unveiled its groundbreaking Shenzhen office in collaboration with TOMO, a design studio known for pushing the boundaries of creativity. The MASONPRINCE Inspiration Hub showcases the brand’s commitment to a “classless fashion collectivity” and challenges conventional notions of office design. The collaboration between MASONPRINCE (MP) and TOMO sought to create a […] More

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