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Vericat Implantology Clinic by Estudio Vitale

The talented creatives at Estudio Vitale  share with us their elegant interior design project for the Vericat Implantology clinic in Valencia, Spain

A pioneering medical center with reference professionals in the field of dental implantology. The renovation affected the whole of the three floors with a total area of about 300 m2 that had previously been a dental clinic. The company required a quick and contained renovation that used the preexisting as much as possible. The design of the facade is a clear example of a cosmetic solution. The corner where is located the entrance to the clinic and part of the main facade are covered with a skin of aluminum panel ventilated copper-finished by Dibond that regularize and emphasize the height. The project aims to avoid the cold and aseptic sensations, which are usual in this type of clinics. User experience is taken care extremely, transmitting comfort, closeness and confidence. The concepts of “excellence” and “passion” are valued as essential qualities of a brand that provides an exquisite treatment and an extreme attention to detail in order to achieve excellence. Under these premises, a cozy and atypical space has been designed. The goal is to get the user to disconnect, feel comfortable and cared, relaxed in a calm and suggestive atmosphere. The main access area is a double height space where the lobby, reception and waiting area are located. It is a bright space, open to the outside by the windows of the facade, whose protagonist is the reception, as a large cubic volume covered with marble that has been specifically designed for this space. The entrance area reminds a lobby hotel with a Simone sofa by Missana and several Moon chairs by Capdell in different finishes in the waiting area. – from Estudio Vitale

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