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Casa Rocas by Studio Mk27

Casa Rocas by Studio Mk27

Studio Mk27 have designed this stunning ocean front residence located in El Pangue, Chile in 2012. Take a closer look after the jump.

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The starting point for the creation of the project was in preserving the view. The house is transformed into a tray-like object from where the ocean can be seen without any intervention from all of the main ambients. The insertion and implantation of the project onto the site was thought out in the most delicate ways possible aiming to preserve the unevenness of this same. There were two side walls created out of stone which absorb, like a drawer, the box program wth all the social and utility services of the house.
Supported and designed in this box is the solidness that comprises the private part of the residence (the first storey) and protects the entrance of the house forming a marques that takes advantage of the programming box that is below just like a terrace. The unevenness that exists between the part of the living room and the pool makes it such that the horizon can be completely admired, without any intervention, both from inside as well as outside the house.
Photography by Fernando Guerra



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