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The Mental Health House by Austin Maynard Architects

Austin Maynard Architects from Australia have shaped their own storefront workspace into a cozy, modern and sun-filled work environment, adequately titling the project The Mental Health House / My-House. The award winning Melbourne based architects are well known for their unique approach, and such is their working space. At the same time this is also a home of Andrew Maynard, one of the foud

Most clients ask for more natural light. In my own home I decided to have far too much natural light. “Let’s wear sunglasses inside” I proclaimed to my partner. Let’s bathe in sunlight and drench ourselves in vitamin D. She thought I was joking. Some architects are readily self-destructive, not in a fun adventurous way, but in a very boring “I’m over-worked, exploited and unfulfilled” way. As research emerges, it appears working conditions can lead to some significant mental health issues within the profession. My-House is my own home. It is also the office of Austin Maynard Architects. My family and I live upstairs, whilst Austin Maynard Architects occupies the shopfront downstairs. The kitchen, dining and garden are shared between my family and the AMA team between 9am and 5pm. My-House is an experiment that I live in. It is a home that I dare not impose on my clients. It breaks many important rules, often not in a good way. My-House lets in sunlight where a house should not. Whilst it is a very sustainable home, My-House is not as thermally efficient as the homes I design for others. Issues of privacy and personal comfort are often challenged in My-House. It is for these reasons that my family and I also love it. – from Andrew Maynard at Austin Maynard Architects

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