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Bridge “Festina Lente” by Adnan Alagi?, Bojan Kanli? & Amila Hrusti?

Bridge Festina Lente

Project: Bridge "Festina Lente"
Designed by Adnan Alagi?, Bojan Kanli? & Amila Hrusti?
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Architects Adnan Alagi?, Bojan Kanli?, and Amila Hrusti? share with us their splendid work on a pedestrian bridge in Sarajevo. For more images as well as the architects' description continue after the jump:

Bridge Festina LenteBridge Festina LenteBridge Festina LenteBridge Festina LenteBridge Festina LenteBridge Festina LenteBridge Festina LenteBridge Festina Lente

From the Architects:

Festina Lente (lat. hurry slowly), lightweight, agile,adaptable casual contact among all objects and human beings.

The basic idea of the bridge is the union of the secular and spiritual and to establish a balance between left and right side.

Crossing the bridge is a unique experience because of it's specific layout and views that we encounter when going through the gate (closed part of the bridge) prearing us to enter into another dimension,and aweks spirituality.Technological solutinos and modern design of the bridge become the brand of Sarajevo.Tender for the construction of a pedestrion bridge was announced in year 2007,five years later the bridge was built.

Bridge construction is stell with aluminum trim and glass fence. Span is 38 meters. The bridge create a true "genuis loci"apropriate to the area in front of the temple as the Academy of Fine Arts. Former church today Academy of Fine Arts was built in time of the Viennese secession.

Forme is unique,simple and attractive at the same time and because of the unexpectedness triggers a series os asociations and establishing a new vision. Loop on the bridge is symbolic gate , in our traditions entries in the cities have always been marked by gates.Line appears on the most secession facilites among wich include Academy of Fine Arts. Around the bridge we have different styls of facilites and two benks are completely different,one coverd with grass and another built from stone,we decide for visual contrast.

On the bridge are two benches in coverd sections so it's a place of meeting and interacting.White LED lights lit the bridge.

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