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WIT Transforms Beijing Railway Station into a Cultural Icon through Interior Renovation

The Interior Renovation of Beijing Railway Station

Photography by © Simon & TOPIA

The iconic Beijing Railway Station has been given a new lease on life thanks to a meticulous interior renovation undertaken by WIT Design & Research. The ambitious project aimed to restore the station’s former glory while simultaneously bringing it into the modern era. The interior overhaul encompasses the Central Hall, the Fourth Waiting Room, and the Central Waiting Room, and covers a total area of 10,000 square meters.

Constructed in 1959 under the guidance of Premier Zhou Enlai, Beijing Railway Station was recognized as a top-tier passenger railway station in its heyday. The building itself was designated a National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit in 2019, cementing its place in China’s cultural heritage.

The station’s construction during a time of resource scarcity and budget constraints not only provided a transportation hub but also symbolized a belief in a brighter future.

Photography by © Simon & TOPIA
Photography by © Simon & TOPIA
Photography by © Simon & TOPIA
Photography by © Simon & TOPIA
Photography by © Simon & TOPIA

Restoring the Glory: Central Waiting Room

The heart of the renovation project was the Central Waiting Room, where WIT Design & Research pondered a fundamental question – how far could the Beijing Railway Station go in meeting the spiritual demands of its passengers? The answer was to transform it into a warm and welcoming symbol of the international metropolis, touching the hearts of all who passed through.

Nostalgia Revived: Fourth Waiting Room

In a nod to the station’s glorious past, the renovation team brought the nostalgia of the 1950s back to life by changing the color of the leather seats to their original green shade. Nostalgic loop seats were also installed, evoking memories of a bygone era.

Photography by © Simon & TOPIA
Photography by © Simon & TOPIA
Photography by © Simon & TOPIA
Photography by © Simon & TOPIA

Elevating Passenger Experience: Central Hall

The renovation aimed to enhance the travel experience for the 60,000 passengers who pass through Beijing Railway Station every day. By upgrading the space, the project’s designers hoped to empower passengers to face the challenges of the post-pandemic era, rebuilding their confidence and belief through architectural design.

Over a period of six months of meticulous design work, the comprehensive interior renovation was executed in just three months, significantly improving travel efficiency, commercial services, and cultural experiences. The project not only restored the original building but also modernized it to meet the demands of the contemporary era, focusing on passenger services, commercial facilities, and advertising media.


For over six decades, Beijing Railway Station had grappled with high passenger volumes, leading to a chaotic interior with a lack of unified planning, confusing signage, and poor lighting. The renovation aimed to transform the station into a seamless, functional, and beautiful hub for travelers. Just as New York’s Grand Central Terminal impresses visitors with its blend of historical beauty and modern functionality, Beijing Railway Station now stands as a contender for recognition as one of the world’s most beautiful railway stations.

A New Calling Card for Beijing

The painstaking renovation project has garnered praise from passengers and observers alike, who now find Beijing Railway Station more beautiful and welcoming than ever. A well-designed train station, it turns out, serves as a warm calling card for the entire city.

The successful transformation of Beijing Railway Station into a cultural icon is a testament to the remarkable work undertaken by WIT Design & Research and their dedicated team of architects, designers, and collaborators. It’s a brilliant example of how architectural design can not only preserve history but also rejuvenate the spirit of a city and its people.

Project Information
Project Name: The Interior Renovation of Beijing Railway Station
Acknowledgment: China Railway Beijing Bureau Corporation Limited
Project Location: Beijing, China
Project Area: 10,000 square meters
Interior Design: WIT Design & Research –
Design Team: Luo Zhenhua, Zhao Gongpu, Niu Qianxuan, Tao Rui, Yang Lin, Zhao Liang, Chen Wenyi, Zhang Yaqi
Architectural Collaboration: Fangdao Architecture & Finger Mark
Structural Consultant: Cao Yuanping & Finger Mark
Mechanical and Electrical Design: Liu Jun, Liang Liang & Finger Mark
Facade Design: Shidai Biaogao
Graphic Consultant: Jizhi Pinpai
Lighting Design: PROL
Oil Painting: Chen Ke
Photography Team: Simon & TOPIA
Video Editing: Bai Yuxia & Zhongxiaye
Copywriting and Planning: NARJEELING
Project Planning: Le Brand Strategy Agency



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