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Songshan Health Club Life Medicine Center by JINDESIGN

A serene haven, where the boundaries of traditional medical facilities blur

Photography by © Liming

In the bustling metropolis of Chongqing, where the fast-paced urban life often takes a toll on our well-being, a beacon of tranquility and healing emerges – the Songshan Health Club Life Medicine Center. This exceptional medical and health service facility, brought to life by JINDESIGN, seeks to redefine the concept of a healthcare space. By seamlessly blending nature’s beauty with innovative design, the center offers an oasis of serenity and a holistic approach to healing.

Photography by © Liming
Photography by © Liming

1. A Harmonious Union of Art and Nature

At the core of the Songshan Health Club lies a profound philosophy: the belief in the healing power of nature. Embracing this belief, JINDESIGN has artfully crafted a space that transcends the conventional boundaries of a medical facility. As visitors step into the center, they are greeted by an artistic representation of natural ecosystems, meticulously recreated in a microcosm within the indoor spaces.

The mesmerizing landscapes, thoughtfully arranged with precision, create an enchanting connection between the indoor and outdoor realms. Nature’s spirituality radiates through the center, inducing a sense of calmness and awe – a welcome departure from the usual clinical and sterile atmosphere of traditional healthcare spaces.

Photography by © Liming
Photography by © Liming

2. A Park-Like Spatial Experience

JINDESIGN’s vision for the center goes beyond aesthetics; it encompasses a unique spatial experience. The designers wanted to offer more than just medical treatment; they aimed to provide a sanctuary for the soul. By blurring the boundaries between a medical facility and a park, the Songshan Health Club encourages open communication and a sense of freedom, allowing visitors to escape the rigors of daily life and connect with nature and one another.

The presence of abundant greenery, gentle natural light, and strategically placed elements all contribute to creating an immersive and relaxed atmosphere. The center becomes a haven where individuals can unwind, recharge, and find solace amid the healing embrace of nature.

Photography by © Liming
Photography by © Liming
Photography by © Liming
Photography by © Liming
Photography by © Liming

3. A Space for Individual Healing

Central to the Songshan Health Club’s design philosophy is the idea of individual healing. Traditional healthcare environments often leave patients feeling passive, guided solely by the environment and medical staff. In stark contrast, JINDESIGN’s innovative approach empowers visitors to reclaim control over their experience.

The low-density design of the space allows visitors to determine their own paths, linger where they find peace, and interact with others on their terms. This newfound sense of agency fosters a healing process that is not only physical but emotional and psychological as well.


Photography by © Liming

4. Redefining Medical Spaces for the Future

The Songshan Health Club Life Medicine Center sets a benchmark for the future of medical and health service scenarios. JINDESIGN’s integration of medical technology, brand visuals, spatial experience, scene perception, and individual healing is a testament to their commitment to revolutionizing healthcare spaces.

By transforming the once-daunting experience of seeking medical treatment into a journey of self-discovery and connection with nature, the center aligns perfectly with the shared vision of Songshan General Hospital and JINDESIGN. The result is a space that values the well-being of the clients beyond mere treatment, offering them a unique and enriching experience that nurtures both body and soul.

Project Information
Project Name: Songshan Health Club Life Medicine Center
Project Client: Songshan General Hospital
Location: Chongqing, China
Project Area: 1000㎡
Design Director: Cuiyue
Visual Design: HaoMengli
Designer: XuYingjie, HeKaipeng
Soft Decoration: YangYang, ZhuJiaying, YangWenlei
Project Photography: Liming

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