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The Pedrali Pavilion: a stage of beauty, tradition, and innovation

60 years of company history through Pedrali Pavilion and the exhibition “Pedrali60, we design a better future”

Image Courtesy of © Pedrali

In a remarkable celebration of 60 years of rich history, Italian furniture manufacturer, Pedrali, has opened its doors to the world with the unveiling of the breathtaking Pedrali Pavilion. Designed by AMDL CIRCLE and the renowned architect Michele De Lucchi, this architectural marvel was inaugurated on September 15th, at the company’s headquarters in Mornico al Serio, Bergamo. Alongside this grand pavilion, an enthralling exhibition titled “Pedrali60, we design a better future” is now on display, curated by Luca Molinari Studio. This milestone commemorates not just six decades of remarkable craftsmanship but also the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering quality furniture that graces our homes and workplaces with timeless beauty.

The story of Pedrali is a testament to the power of a shared vision. It’s a narrative deeply rooted in family and business values, yet ever-evolving, looking to the future with determination and hope. In 2023, Pedrali’s 60th anniversary is not merely a reflection on its journey but an inspiration for the progress and challenges that lie ahead.

The heart of this jubilant celebration is the Pedrali Pavilion, a creation by AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi. Situated in the company’s very headquarters in Mornico al Serio, it serves as a warm and welcoming home that embraces the legacy of this remarkable anniversary. It is a place where the company’s history-makers and the new generations can come together to share in the rich heritage and inspiring visions. The Pedrali Pavilion represents a reconnection to the company’s roots and the surrounding environment.

The decision to build the Pavilion in our local territory reminds us of our roots, our environment. This is a new space that belongs solely to us and which will be the legacy of this very special anniversary,”

says Monica Pedrali, CEO of Pedrali.

Image Courtesy of © Pedrali

The Pedrali Pavilion unfolds with a large raised roof housing two exhibition levels. The first floor showcases “Pedrali60, we design a better future,” an exhibition curated by Luca Molinari Studio. As visitors climb the entrance staircase, they find themselves at a platform designed not only for accessing the exhibition but also for rest and participation in presentations and talks. The top of the stairs reveals a wing that houses the reception area and offers a tantalizing glimpse of what lies ahead. It’s here, suspended between the arches, that the journey into Pedrali’s history begins.

The exhibition unfurls along two wooden panels, progressively recounting the company’s six-decade journey through voices of key figures, prototypes, graphic designs, catalogs, and pivotal projects that have fueled Pedrali’s growth. Luca Molinari, the curator, notes that the exhibition “offers a critical re-interpretation of an important element of Italy’s design scene, and a look to the future drawing on Pedrali’s strong entrepreneurial and innovative drive.”

Photography by Filippo Romano . Image Courtesy of © Pedrali

Physical objects on one side of the double-sided panels and monitors displaying the voices of the Pedrali community on the other create a rich tapestry of the company’s history. Wooden pedestals positioned between the arched portals shine a spotlight on the most iconic design pieces, highlighting the expertise and production skills of this 100% Made in Italy company. The journey culminates at the open end of the gallery, symbolizing an invitation to look ahead and embrace the future.


A second staircase leads visitors to the ground floor portico, where the exhibition continues. This space takes inspiration from the loggias of ancient public buildings in northern Italian towns. It invites visitors to reflect on their role in maintaining the fragile balance of our planet. A metaphorical forest of mirrors is interspersed with panels featuring the faces and words of the passionate individuals who contribute to the Pedrali community. This immersive layout allows visitors to lose themselves in a magical forest where their own reflections merge with those who work at Pedrali today, forming a prismatic portrait of a community that continues to expand and evolve.

“Starting from our roots and following the teachings of our father Mario, we continue to build the history of Pedrali, drawing on the collaborative spirit of all our employees, who have always believed in the company and are committed to achieving common goals, day after day. We wish to thank AMDL CIRCLE, Michele De Lucchi and Luca Molinari Studio for having helped us to make this journey even more special,”

continue the company’s CEOs, Monica and Giuseppe Pedrali.

The Pedrali Pavilion and the “Pedrali60, we design a better future” exhibition are not just a nod to the company’s past but a promising vision of what the future holds for this iconic Italian brand. It is a reminder that Pedrali’s journey is far from over, and there are many more chapters to be written in the book of Italian design excellence.

The exhibition “Pedrali60, we design a better future” is open to the public subject to booking. Find out more on

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