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Food & Forest by YOD Design Lab Studio


YOD Design Lab Studio shares with us their work on a six hundred square meter restaurant space design in village of Sosnovka in Ukraine, as part of a hotel complex. The elegant yet modern restaurant masterfully connects its indoor and outdoor. The design sentiment is a splendid connection between the two.

The restaurant is a part of the hotel recreation complex Relax park «VERHOLY». The location of the complex and functional purpose of the restaurant itself became crucial in the choice of concept of a future outlet. The complex is placed at the very heart of a picturesque pine forest in Poltava province. And the restaurant serves as a public catering facility both for guests living in the complex and for visitors who have made up their mind just to have a good time al fresco, breaking away from hustle and bustle of the city. For this purpose the complex offers a whole variety of services: beginning from strolls in the woods and finishing with swimming in the pool or horse rides. – from YOD

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Zoning of guest areas of the restaurant has been elaborated in such a way so as to satisfy needs of all groups of visitors. The restaurant room is designed to seat over 100 people. Main hall is zoned with a big gas fire 4 meters in length, it includes four basic areas: the first area – an area of low-slung lunge seating – is located along the shop windows with a view of the forest, it is intended for companies comprised of 4 to 6 people each; the second area – is located on both sides of the fire – is intended for the guests who seek romance and warm snug atmosphere; the third area – an area with big comfortable armchairs is located near the pastry shop, it is intended for sweet tooth guests and simply for ones who are fond of watching the work process of confectioneries manufacturing. The pastry shop and the showcase with ready confectioneries are situated behind a glass partition; the fourth area of high seating is located in two places at once – bar area and area of communal storage shelf with exhibition of the restaurant’s products. A private hall for 12 persons is also provided, with opportunity of personal kitchen service. The major focus in this hall is a big table with one-piece table-board made of oak. The walls are veneered with an African stone brought from Artesia factory. – from YOD DESIGN LAB


Design studio: YOD Dеsign Lab –
Authors: Vladimir Nepiyvoda, Dmitriy Bonesko
Graphic designer: Ilya Nepravda
Location: village of Sosnovka, Poltava province, Ukraine
Functional purpose: public catering facility – restaurant
Area: 600 m2
Status: realized in 2014
Cameraman: Andrey Avdeenko

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