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Disaster Prevention and Education Centre by Vulmaro Zoffi

Vulmaro Zoffi

Project: Disaster Prevention and Education Centre
Designed by Vulmaro Zoffi
Client: ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Vulmaro Zoffi inspired by a drop of water and the instability behind it has designed the project proposal for Disaster Prevention and Education Centre in Istanbul.

Vulmaro ZoffiVulmaro ZoffiVulmaro ZoffiVulmaro ZoffiVulmaro ZoffiVulmaro ZoffiVulmaro ZoffiVulmaro Zoffi

From the Architects:

A catastrophe occurs when the balance of a phenomenon is broken. This can happen either because a new external force causes a large perturbation in a stable system, or because, in a situation of unstable equilibrium a very small force produces a great effect. The different types of catastrophe could be formally reduced to a relative small range of geometric forms. And many of those forms could be represented by a falling raindrop process. Every deformation of the water surface is a sort of natural micro-disaster: this Disaster Prevention and Education Centre shows the events that involves earth, air and water in a friendly manner enclosed by a public ETFE greenhouse, where all the inhabitants can found harmony with nature, under the shade of the trees.

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