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Studio Piet Boon at Salone del Mobile 2023

Studio Piet Boon invited us into their own world created for Salone del Mobile 2023 – masterfully combining the use of indoor and outdoor furniture into a sole home concept:

Studio Piet Boon
Photo courtesy of Studio Piet Boon

Studio Piet Boon invited guests to the inside-outside home during this year’s Salone del Mobile. The carefully planned décor integrated parts of the outdoors into the domestic space—and vice versa—in an effort to restore harmony to modern life. The unveiling of the new Piet Boon indoor-outdoor furniture collection was set against a seamless fusion of interior and exterior areas. Visitors were surrounded by museum-quality artwork that combined natural design cues into the overall design idea to increase a sense of consistency.

A worldwide active exterior, interior, and product design studio, Studio Piet Boon is renowned for producing well-balanced designs that enhance harmony in contemporary life. The multidisciplinary team creates designs for private residences, apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, and dining establishments. The company also creates concepts and elements for full-scale living, outdoor, kitchen, and bathroom experiences. Piet Boon and Karin Meyn established Studio Piet Boon in Oostzaan, the Netherlands, in 1983.

Photo courtesy of Studio Piet Boon

Designing Furniture for 2023 and Beyond

The studio unveils the most new furniture pieces at once with the debut of 11 new products. Each design offers an understated sense of plenty that suits the present zeitgeist and goes well beyond it. It is created to only get more beautiful with time.

As the functionality of indoor and outdoor spaces blur, our connection to the natural world becomes stronger, inviting us to find balance in everyday life.” – shares Piet Boon

A variety of works of art inspired by nature were on display at inside-outside’s residence. The unique art was incorporated into the interior and exterior by the Studio Piet Boon design team. It includes pieces by French artist Elisa Bo, Ukrainian ceramicist Andriy and Olesya Voznicki, and Italian sculptor Marta Palmieri.

Studio Piet Boon
photo courtesy of the brand

Nature’s Colors Inspiring Studio Piet Boon

The Studio Piet Boon designers were motivated by the colors of nature to bring the outdoors into our homes. They chose a calm color scheme of pale green and light brown tones that accentuate the natural hues of our surroundings. The furniture design, which includes a broad variety of upholstery possibilities that enable the creation of visual appeal in any area, was combined with the colors in both the interior and exterior as well as the interior and external design. The use of hybrid materials, which retain their elegance both indoors and outdoors, highlights the merging of the two worlds.

Sequence of RAF Lounge

The RAF is the first indoor and outdoor upholstered Piet Boon lounge series. The daybeds’ circular cushions are made to move with the sun and soften the architectural structure. The entire design, including the frame, cushions, and topper, is waterproof. The single and double daybeds, a loveseat, an armchair, a side table, and a storage basket are all part of the RAF collection.

KEKKE Outdoor by Studio Piet Boon

The KEKKE indoor dining room table and chairs’ recognizable design is excellent for outside use thanks to the KEKKE outdoor series. Aluminium is used to construct the outdoor chair’s structure. Any of Piet Boon’s high-end outdoor textiles are available for it. The outdoor table’s modern steel legs contrast stylishly with its polished concrete top. For an excellent outdoor dining experience, the series is designed.

Studio Piet Boon
Photo courtesy of the brand

Indoor lounge series KEKKE

Long, unhurried days and nights at home are made possible by the KEKKE lounge chair and ottoman. Based on the current KEKKE eating chair, the design is more spacious, which also makes it more comfortable. The chair has a tilting seat covered in soft leather or fabric and is lower to the ground. It is intended to go with the ottoman. Both variants have powder-coated steel frames that are thicker.

Indoor swivel and solid chair, CARA

The CARA dining chair was given a fresh look by Studio Piet Boon’s designers as the CARA swivel chair. There is now a chic sibling to the classic four-leg design with a closed base and swivel flexibility. The base is covered in the same fabric as the plush, generously pleated upper cushions.

Studio Piet Boon
Photo courtesy of the brand

Indoor sofa BOB by Studio Piet Boon 

In addition to launching the BOB couch this year, Piet Boon also debuted the award-winning BOB armchair in 2022. Similar to the armchair, this design comes in two or three seat options and has a comfortably high back. The Piet Boon collection is complete with it. designed to provide the user with comfort in smaller settings, whether they be in a home, commercial, or hospitality scenario.

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