3 Finishing Touches to a New Property

We discuss best 3 finishing touches to a new property with our Architecture Editors at ARCHISCENE (who are also Architects themselves):

If you are currently building your own property, it’s a highly exciting time. This is truly one way you can add your own personality to every aspect of your home from the beginning. No longer do you need to worry about what a previous owner has left out of their description of the house, the décor they have added, or any expensive structural issues which may crop up during a home inspection that you need to fix. Instead, you have a blank slate to create something perfect for you and your family. However, designing the property and the layout is only step one. Step two is the finishing touches you can add to cement your stamp on the place. What are the finishing touches you should add?

Continue reading for our three tips: 

Unique Windows

Natural light in your property will affect not only your mood and enjoyment within the home, but it can also reduce the production of harmful bacteria within a home. It’s for this reason why the windows should be carefully considered in your home. You need to consider the style as much as the placement. For example, skylights in a sloping roof can add a lot of natural light into a room, such as a kitchen or a bedroom. However, the appearance can enhance the style of your property. 

Backyard Dining Area

While windows are functional finishing touches, there are several which are purely for your enjoyment. Your backyard can play host to a range of features that enhance your property and what you can do at home. A dining area, complete with an outdoor kitchen, is a great element to add for those who love entertaining, especially in the summer. Your outdoor kitchen can include items such as a wood-fired pizza oven, comfortable seating, and a cocktail bar to really make those summer parties kick off in style. Additionally, when selecting your outdoor kitchen equipment, be sure to consider comparing different kamado cookers to find the best one for your needs. Investing in the right cooking appliance can elevate your outdoor cooking experience in your newly designed dining area.

Individual Room Finishing Touches

Like the outdoor dining area, these finishing touches are for your enjoyment, more than the structure of the home.

Study: Remote working is becoming more and more popular, offering workers a chance to complete tasks from the comfort of their home and beat the daily commute. If you have the space within your property to add a study, you should seriously consider doing so. Not only will it provide a key area for future projects, but it will be a great selling point if you choose to sell in the future. For maximum enjoyment, ensure the study is placed away from high traffic areas in the home and consider utilizing windows to provide a relaxing view into your garden.

Spa Bathroom: This room is one where you can pair function with finishing touches. When designing your new bathroom, consider adding spa-like features to boost the zen feel. For example, you can choose to add a jacuzzi style bathtub, one which is large enough to recline and unwind. What’s more, you can incorporate a TV screen into the wall above, so you never have to choose between watching your favourite show and taking a long bubble bath again.

GreenMonster Lab by BANDe Architects

GreenMonster Lab by BANDe Architects

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Bon Appetit Photography Studio by Han Yue Interior Design