Guide To Purchasing a Side Sleeper Mattress for Your Bedroom

A majority of side sleepers like sleeping in the fetal position. Personally, I prefer the ‘log’ position where you sleep on your side with your legs and arms straight out. There’s also the ‘Yearner’ position which is a fantastic choice. In this posture, you keep your legs straight but maintain a slight curve on your arms and back.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that side sleepers who don’t have a comfortable mattress like a Nectar mattress are prone to numbness, localized redness and soreness. They even toss and turn all night, something which affects both their health and mood. To avoid this, you’ll need a mattress that’s best in the world. But first, you’ll need to know the different types in today’s market.

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Open Spring Mattresses

Some people call them continuous or open coil mattresses. They are made from a long piece of metal which is coiled into several springs. To maintain proper structure and shape, I discovered that they have an extra wire or border rod. These mattresses are worth each coin you invest in them.

However, the sides are stitched using a machine instead of the typical hand-stitched method. Despite this, they are one of the lightest and most cooling mattresses that I’ve come across. Another discouraging factor is that although they are good for side sleepers, they don’t offer the best level of comfort. So, if you decide to buy one, put it in your guest room or kid’s bedroom, where it won’t need to be replaced regularly!

Pocket Spring Mattresses

These mattresses offer side sleepers luxurious comfort throughout the night. They are made from individual small springs installed in specific pockets of fabric. This means that each spring moves separately, offering more support the open spring mattresses. Also, depending on your tastes, you can choose medium, firm or soft versions. These models keep your body fresh as you sleep!

Memory Foam Mattresses

What is memory foam? Well, it is a moldable material that responds to your weight and temperature. I love these mainly because of their hypo-allergic properties. This feature means that they can adjust to the shape of your body, soothe your muscles and relieve pressure on sensitive joints.

Of course, there are a few people that complain about these mattresses. They feel that they heat up as you sleep which can make you a bit uncomfortable. In any case, it’s ideal for side sleepers who have troubles with their back.

Air Foam

A relatively newer introduction to the market is the air foam mattress, patented and sold by Nolah Mattress Company. It combines in a number of variations (e.g. hybrid vs all foam) and is a temperature neutral memory foam infused with air to provide ultimate cooling and support. Learn more about air foam and the Nolah Mattress here.

Latex Mattresses

These models are made from pure latex foam. This is a breathable kind of material which keeps you feeling fresh and crisp throughout the night. It’s also quite durable and should serve you up until you draw your last breath. However, these models can feel a bit solid at first, especially for side sleepers, making them the best choice if you prefer sleeping on a firmer surface.

Side sleepers need mattresses that relax their shoulders and hips. Therefore, it’s better to get a soft mattress, and I feel that memory foam mattresses are the best. In any case, this guide will help you land the best product!

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