Archiscene Home: 3 Ways to Get That Elusive Curb Appeal

We’ve all heard the tales about first impressions; they apply to all walks of life. There’s no doubt that curb appeal most definitely falls into this category and if you do want to make heads turn in relation to your property, it’s time to invest in this area of your home.

Fortunately, it’s one of the easiest ways to make a difference. You don’t (usually) have to knock any walls down, or take any other drastic measures. Instead, it all comes down to simple changes and through the course of this guide we’ll take a look at some of the best ones in-detail.

It all starts in the garden

On the most part, the garden is going to form the majority of your curb appeal. Most people see this area of the house more than any other as they wander by – so this should be your principal area to take advantage of.

It should go without saying that getting the basics in order is an absolute must here. This means that you should be performing an internet search for lawn care services near me, just to try and get that sports pitch-esque turf that shouts out “premium!” to most people.

Other tasks involve pulling up weeds, removing any leaves that may have made the area less-than tidy and generally just putting everything in order. You don’t need to completely landscape the area, but at least make it look pristine.

Replace your gutters and downspouts

If we step away from the garden, something else that can speak volumes about your property is its gutters and downspouts. As we all know, these are often left to their own devices. Few of us even bother to look at them – they almost blend into the landscape.

Unfortunately, they stand out like a sore thumb when it comes to prospective buyers. It might be because they are damaged or dirty but either way, the effect remains the same.

As you may have gathered, the solution here is quite straightforward. Simply buy a modern set of gutters, preferably copper, and bask in the effect. You’ll be amazed at how the front of your home has been transformed.

The importance of your front door

Unsurprisingly, another item that’s high on your agenda is your front door. This is where all eyes will ultimately be driven, so it stands to reason that it should be prioritized.

We’re not going to speculate what sort of condition your door is in at the moment; we’ll leave you to make the decision there. Some of you will opt to simply paint it and mask over any deterioration, while others might decide to invest in a brand new door.

If you opt for the former, let’s point out that it’s not just the main material that you need to be retouching. You should also be looking to polish the knob and the rest of the door’s fixtures, just to give it that elusive shine. Again, this is one of those areas in which you probably don’t notice the day-to-day blemishes, but someone arriving near your house for the first time most definitely will.

Images from Creekside House by Feldman Architecture – See the full project

Fish Restaurant CATCH by YoDezeen Studio

The Farm by Scott Posno Design