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House in Bernolákovo by Zitnansky Gonda Architects

House in Bernolákovo by Zitnansky Gonda Architects

Zitnansky Gonda Architects designed this stunning two-storey family residence located in Bernolákovo, Slovakia, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: The project was not a standard investor-architect assignment as one of the authors is also the investor with his partner. Both had dreamt of a non-standard housing in a smaller village near the capital city.

The aim was to use the potential of the surrounding gardens and view to the countryside. Inside of the house, an emphasis is placed on the functional, material and artistic aspects with an inspirational environment for creation, as both investors are creative professionals.

The house itself is on a plot of size 446 m² set in the northern part along with a stand for 2 cars, a garage and house entrance. The front south half is a lawn and garden connected barrier-free to the interior. The house is not closing itself from its environment, it is communicating with it.


The two-storey family house layout is divided into a ground floor with a living area with an open gallery, toilet, garage and technical room and the first floor with a study, relaxation zone, bathroom and toilet. When designing the layout, emphasis was placed on the maximum openness inside-out. The night-time part of the house is orientated to the eastern side, with the morning sun. The residential part on the ground floor is oriented to all the world sides. This way the interior is illuminated throughout the day.The overhang roof on the south side of the house helps shade the house out of the strong sun during the summer months. In winter months the solar rays are sinking into the interior and this way the house gains more energy.

Since the object was built independently, it was designed from easily accessible and labor-friendly materials. The ground floor is an open space, where the 1st floor is supported with two load-bearing walls, separating the residential part from the garage and the technical room. The floor is designed as an open space and is divided only by traverse walls – the wooden roof is not supported and lies only on the perimeter masonry.

The façade is designed in white acrylic with details around windows glazed façade cladding in a black gloss finish. The windows openings are in an aluminum system. The windows are in a black, glossy finish with internal white textile shading.The uniqueness of the design of the house supports the surface treatment of a roof made of a white liquid membrane. The unification of facade and roof surfaces unifies the shape of the house and helps to express the architecture of the house itself.

Photography by Matej Hakár



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