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How To Make Sure Your Office Interior Design Makes The Right First Impression

Office Interior Design

First impressions last. This idiom rings true for offices as much as it does for people. The interior design of your office can have a significant impact on your ability to secure the best employees and impress prospective clients.

The design of an office should not only be inviting and aesthetically pleasing, it should be functional and reflect your business values.

Design has an impact on cognitive performance, productivity and the health and wellbeing of your employees. It can also influence decision makers – so could be the difference between winning and losing contracts. If you’re planning an office fit or redesign, here are some key factors to consider.

Branded Office Designs

Most businesses recognise the importance of developing a brand identity and communicating the values of your company. It’s important to remember that your brand philosophy starts in the office. For example, if your brand positions itself as offering excellent customer service, create an office environment that reflects this. If you don’t provide visitors with a comfortable seat, refreshments and something to keep them entertained – TV, magazines or free internet access – how will they trust your professional services to fulfil their needs?

Office Interior Design

It’s not only customers you need to convince. The design of your office needs to influence interviewees that you are a good company to work for. An office that is comfortable, kitted out with the latest technology and emphasizes your brand values is more likely to ensure that you impress the best candidates.

Visual Influence

Inviting prospective clients to your office gives you an ideal opportunity to convince them your business is a better option than the competition. An innovative office design with an engaging visual appeal goes a long way to influencing purchasing decisions. Environments affect mood and emotional responses. The look and feel of your office, therefore, not only matters when making a positive first impression, but also plays a part in building long-term relationships.

Office Interior Design

Colour Psychology

Studies have shown that colour communicates to the subconscious mind and plays a significant part in the decision-making process. The colour of a room can certainly make a good or bad first impression. The dominant colours of an office should primarily reflect your brand identity. However, they should also be interlaced with bright warm colours that promote a friendly environment and help increase the cognitive function.

Welcoming Entrance

The entranceway, reception area and waiting room of an office is arguably the most important in terms of design. The perception of people entering your office building for the first time could shape their opinion about your entire operation. Entranceways, should be peaceful, calming and clutter-free. Keep the design elements to a minimum, but ensure you include comfortable seating, a table and some inspirational artwork.

Office Interior Design

The reception area of an office should be welcoming and elicit an emotional response that invokes trust. Soothing colours such as blue and green are ideal for entranceways, whilst a splash of black and white oozes sophistication.

If your office is in need of a revamp, Office Principles provide innovative fit out services and have the expertise to make a good first impression last.

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Coli House by Qiarq Architecture + Design

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