Pest-Proofing Updates To Your Home That Won’t Clash With Your Home’s Aesthetic

You can pest-proof your house while maintaining its attractiveness and making sure it does not clash with the vibe, theme, and aesthetics of your beloved home

Pest-Proofing Updates To Your Home That Won't Clash With Your Home's Aesthetic

It is a nightmare to find pests around your house. The creepy crawlies can ruin one’s day and make the whole situation much worse than it is. They may seem harmless at first but in reality, can cause havoc in the house. If you have previously dealt with a pest situation, you will have a clear idea about how bad it can get. If you are one of those people who are blessed and have not faced such a situation, you still ought to be ready and know the basics of different pests that can invade. has lots of information on wildlife pests that can get into your home.

Prevention is better than cure

Instead of dealing with these critters, it is best to pest-proof your house by making a few changes here and there. These changes may seem minute but can be very effective in keeping animals at bay. You can make these changes while constructing a new place or during the renovation. These pest-proof updates can also be made at any given time that you wish to choose. One concern that homeowners usually have is that pest-proofing the house can make it look dull, boring, and completely unattractive. With wires and meshes around the house, the image that forms in our heads is not attractive. However, this is not necessary. You can pest-proof your house while maintaining its attractiveness and making sure it does not clash with the vibe, theme, and aesthetics of your beloved home.

The location

One way you can pest-proof your house without it clashing with the aesthetics of your home is to examine your property properly. Go through the entire location and scrape off any old drainage systems that still might be present. Make sure the sewage systems are also sealed properly to avoid any gaps. These sewage systems are far away from the main area of the house and are usually hidden. If you seal them, it won’t be making your house unattractive at all.


Rodents are inherently good at chewing almost anything. Whatever material that there is, these rodents can gnaw their way in. For you to pest-proof your house, you need to be careful and cautious about the material you use. Use a soft material that has been proven to keep out these nosy rodents. You can use materials such as concrete in the foundation that are at least 6mm in thickness. You can also use a small mesh wire. A mesh wire may seem like an unattractive idea and something that will disrupt the aesthetics of your home, however, using a small one is not a bad idea as it may blend in with the house itself and will barely be noticeable. If you see any gap, you can fill it with materials like expanding foam and caulk. If your house has tons of white, caulk will fit in perfectly as it won’t clash with your beloved home but rather complement it.

Electrical wires

As mentioned above, rodents are excellent at chewing whatever materials they come across; this also includes electrical wiring. To make your house pest-proof, make sure the wire is concealed in a channel or a pipe. This pipe should be wrapped and covered in steel mesh. If you are wondering about this electrical wire clashing with the aesthetics or the theme of your house, don’t be. Electrical wires are not that prominent and with them being covered in a pipe or a channel they will barely be visible.

Pest-Proofing Updates To Your Home That Won't Clash With Your Home's Aesthetic

Waste management

Pest-proofing the house does not only mean adding or making changes to the structure of the house, it can also involve making a few small changes here and there that can have quite effective results. Pests are attracted to your house because of shelter and a food source. All you ought to do is eliminate these food sources. Manage your waste and garbage properly to avoid any piling up. Discard trash as soon as possible without delay to avoid build-up. The longer it is in your house, the more chances there are for a pest invasion.

Appropriate landscaping

If you have a garden in your house, proper management can keep pests away while making things more visually attractive. Make sure that no plants are too close to each other and have sufficient space between them. You can place rocks or other gardening materials to make the spaces look stylish and attractive.

Making your home pest-proof may seem like a daunting task, however, it is much easier and requires less hard work than you would think. All you need to do is manage a few things here and there and manage some aspects of your house properly and voila! No more pests.

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